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Whispering Pass is a location in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is a mountain path near Dwarves' Forge, which leads to the highlands known as Windy Heights.


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On their way to the Village of Ambel, Lasswell begins to explain to Lid that they suspect whoever attacked the dwarves belongs to the Sworn Six of Paladia, who seek to destroy the great crystals. Rain renews his vow to save the dwarves; if he keeps his word, Lid decides to reward him to come for a ride on the airship once she is done building it, with a discount rate. They quickly take notice of Lid's love for money.

As they make their way through mountain path, Rain notices Lid is strong than the average airship engineer. She tells that it because of her older brother, Evan, who has trained her since she was a kid. They continue their journey to the village through Windy Heights West.

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