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An accretion of Whispers, the so-called arbiters of fate. The creatures appear when someone tries to alter destiny's course. They are connected to all the threads of time and space that shape the planet's fate.

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Whisper Harbinger is a multi-stage boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake, fought by Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aerith, with the help of Red XIII, at the end of Chapter 18, "Destiny's Crossroads". It is the game's penultimate boss. It towers over the landscape.

Whisper Harbinger is an accretion of Whispers, able to create new Whispers, and is hurt when the player party destroys its creations, rather than the player attacking the monstrosity directly. It is the largest opponent in the game, and resembles a Weapon in appearance.



Physical damage = Physical damage
Magic damage = Magical damage
Attack Pic Description Block KB(Knockback)
Physical damageReformation Whisper Harbinger uses Reformation from FFVII Remake The Harbinger gathers debris and throws it at the party. N Y
Magic damageInviolate The boss shoots balls of Fire Fire. Y Y
Magic damageIndomitable The boss shoots bolts of Lightning Lightning. Y Y
Magic damageCorrection Wind blows across the battlefield; cannot deplete HP to 0. N Y
Physical damageIntercession Swinging hand down to break the floor of the battlefield; cannot deplete HP to 0. N Y


Upon entering the Singularity, the player takes control of Cloud and runs along the floating debris of Midgar to reunite with Barret and Tifa. The Harbinger towers in the distance, unable to be targeted, summoning Whisper Rubrum, Whisper Croceo, and Whisper Viridi. After some time Harbinger uses Correction, destabilizing that section and forcing the party to run to another. They will rematch with the same three Whispers until some time has elapsed, at which point Harbinger uses Intercession to destabilize the segment and force the party to run again.

On the next section, the party fights Rubrum on its own. Reducing its HP to zero staggers it and any damage done to it transfers to Harbinger. After dealing a certain amount of damage, Rubrum is defeated.

Aerith and Red XIII show up, but Harbinger splits the ground, separating Cloud, Barret, and Red XIII from the rest. The three of them fight Croceo and Viridi. Same as Rubrum, reducing their HP to zero staggers them and damage done during stagger transfers onto Harbinger until reaching a threshold, at which point the Whisper is defeated.

Upon defeating both of them, Barret leaves the party while Cloud joins Tifa and Aerith to fight Rubrum, Croceo, and Viridi. Shortly into this stage, the three Whispers merge into Whisper Bahamut. Defeating Bahamut splits them back to their original selves. Defeating each Whisper reduces Harbinger's health and once the third one is defeated, Harbinger itself will fall within range of the party and can be defeated for good.

The player's actions throughout this encounter will determine who joins the party during the fight with Sephiroth immediately after this encounter. (Consult that page for details.)


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