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Castle Cornelia is in an uproar! The princess has been kidnapped by the Princess Goblin, and who knows what foul tortures the fiend has in store for her! The Warrior of Light sallies forth to the goblin camp to rescue Her Kidnapped Highness...

Quest summary

Where Art Thou, Smoochy-Poo? is an Intervention quest in World of Final Fantasy. It becomes available after clearing Chapter 5 and completing the quest, The Girl Who Forgot Her Name.


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The Warrior of Light arrives at Cornelia Castle, finding it in total chaos. A guard informs him that Princess Sarah has been kidnapped by the Princess Goblin. Hearing this, he immediately races off to the Watchplains to rescue her.

Upon arriving, the Princess Goblin asks the Warrior if he's reconsidered her marriage proposal, much to Sarah's confusion. He informs her he has not, as his heart belongs with the "prin—er, people of Cornelia". Princess Goblin informs him if he became her "hubby", her goblins would give them all the protection they need. She declares she will keep Sarah imprisoned the rest of her life to protect her. The Warrior decides she's gone too far and battles the goblin.

After the battle, the Warrior prepares to strike down the princess, bur Sarah stops him. Sarah tells him that, while he actions were wrong, the princess' heart was in the right place and asks him to stay his blade. Princess Goblin then begins to cry, touched by Sarah's kindness and feeling like a meanie. Saying she is not worthy, she accepts her defeat, vowing to be a better ruler and tells the if they ever need her, she'll be there in a "goblin minute".

Princess Sarah then tells The Warrior she hopes he will continue to be there to protect her and he tells her he will. Starting their journey back, Sarah says kinda like these thrilling adventures and wonders if there will be anymore. The Warrior hopes not and says they need to adopt a strict "no more abductions" rule.

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The battle consists of only the Princess Goblin. First time completion of this quest rewards the Princess Goblin Memento and x1 Hi-Potion with subsequent completion rewarding x2 Potions.


  • During the intervention, Reynn tells the princess she doesn't blame her for falling for the warrior, but suggest she might like Lann instead. After the Princess Goblin then calls him a dummy, Lann wonders if she's just teasing him and why this intrigues him.