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My, my. This is certainly a far cry from your days at the Arcanists' Guild.

Whastrach to Martyn.

Whastrach is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is an antagonist in the blue mage storyline and a previous compatriot to Martyn.


Early life[]

Whastrach studied foreign magic at the arcanists' guild in Limsa and traveled to the new world with another student named Martyn to visit the Whalaqee that reside in Lapis Canyon. Eventually Whastrach decided that blue magic won't be profitable and left the expedition, and instead focusing on the market of ceruleum.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Whastrach came visiting Ul'dah on business, while there he heard rumors of the Masked Carnivale and blue magic believing Martyn was behind it. In his spare time he visits Martyn to see if the rumors were true and jokes about his current position before leaving.

When Martyn is injured in one of his bouts, Whastrach comes to teach the Warrior of Light in his stead. Whastrach meets the Warrior of Light at Hammerlea with a Magitek Vanguard he retrieved from Castrum Meridianum. After its defeat he tells them how the age of swords and sorcery is at its end and how magitek and cerulean will be used by the grand companies sooner or later to keep up with the Garlean army. He tells them that when they want to let go of these old relics and leave Martyn they can come to him about it. After his offer Martyn comes out berating him, and Whastrach tells him not to worry as the Warrior of Light is on his way to being a competent blue mage. Whastrach also questions why Martyn never came to him about obtain the medicine for the Whalaqee as there has never been bad blood between them, and that he can do much more with his resources. After convincing Martyn about it, he leaves to make some arrangements and produce the medicine in bulk to the people.

Whastrach travels to the New World to give the medicine to the Whalaqee people and has them sign a form to hand over their Lapis Canyon in order to receive the medicine. The elders sign it not knowing how to read Eorzean, and he returns to Eorzea. Martyn confronts him about his underhand dealings with the Whalaqee, and the two get into an argument. Royse comes along and helps them come to an agreement by fighting in the Celestium.

Whastrach in his Azulmagia costume.

Whastrach gives the Warrior of Light time to train and prepare for the fight gloating how it won't matter as he is a skilled Blue Mage, he is given a new outfit and title in the arena, fighting under the guise of Azulmagia. After losing the fight Whastrach agrees to the terms and doesn't mine on sacred ground, he's reminded that he's a business man and not a monster and asks Caedda to help assist him in not excavating sacred ground.



Whastrach is a male sea wolf roegadyn with gray colored skin and black hair with dark red highlights. He wears a russet brown ramie coat of casting, and republican fingerless gloves that have sharp fingernails, with augmented lost pantaloons of casting and pteroskin shoes.


Whastrach is a business man who has a company that mines and refines ceruleum, he sees it as a major profit as many from Eorzea use it for the airships. He believes magic is running out of date and ceruleum and magitek will be the future. He is pretty shady in his dealings though as he tricked the Whalaqee village elders into signing the rights away to their sacred canyon.


Whastrach appears in the Masked Carnivale event Dirty Rotten Azulmagia where he will be fought in three acts, using powerful blue mage abilities against the player.