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Western Thanalan.

Western Thanalan is a location in Final Fantasy XIV.

It largely serves as a starting zone for players beginning in Ul'dah, and a key hub for many Main Scenario quests.



Western Thanalan lies directly west of Ul'dah, straddling the coastline of the Rhotano Sea. It connects to Central Thanalan in the east, and ferry services at Vesper Bay lead to the city-state of Limsa Lominsa. Access to Ul'dah is available through the Gate of the Sultana. A passage leading to the Goblet is available just southwest of the Gate.


The only Aetheryte is located at Horizon, in the center of the map.


Western Thanalan contains the following areas:

  • Hammerlea - A flat plain in the south.
  • Horizon's Edge - The central region of the zone.
  • Footfalls - A series of winding canyon pathways along the coastline.
  • Cape Westwind - The northwestern-most point of the zone, it houses a Garlean stronghold.


Scorpion Crossing[]


Vesper Bay[]

Vesper Bay.

A port city along the Strait of Merlthor. Despite being one of the foremost hubs of Ul'dahn trade with Limsa Lominsa and the home base of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, the Syndicate has declined to construct an Aetheryte in the town, which the Scions assume as due the Syndicate expecting some kind of recompense from them for its construction.

Silver Bazaar[]

Crescent Cove[]


Western Thanalan's climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency
Clear Skies Clear Skies 40%
Clouds Clouds 25%
Fair Skies Fair Skies 20%
Fog Fog 10%
Rain Rain 5%

Places of Interest[]

Nophica's Wells[]

A river valley located south of Horizon.

Copperbell Mines[]

Though abandoned for centuries, the mine was reactivated when new veins were discovered, and the Calamity pressed the need for materials. It turns out the mines were also where hecatoncheir slaves were sealed in an uprising.

The Waking Sands[]

The Waking Sands.

This building in Vesper Bay was chosen by Minfilia to be the headquarters of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Sunset Gate[]

Sunrise Gate[]

Parata's Peace[]

The East Hammer[]

The West Hammer[]

The South Hammer[]

Beaconhill Lighthouse[]


An underground spring inhabited by a group of giants.

Imperial Outpost[]

This coastal formation is garrisoned by the XIVth Legion to support Castrum Marinum.

The Silent King[]

Castrum Marinum[]

Located offshore, this artificial island was built on the Rhotano Sea to resupply XIVth Legion cohorts in La Noscea and Thanalan. It was later used to house the VIIth Imperial Legion’s Emerald Weapon.



Copperbell Mines.

Copperbell Mines Copperbell Mines
Level 17
Copperbell Mines (x28 y16)

Abandoned once purged of ore, the Copperbell Mines laid abandoned for nigh on three centuries until Amajina and Sons Mineral Concern reclaimed the shafts - the guild's sights set on expanding the mines downward in an attempt to tap yet undiscovered veins of valuable metal. Unfortunately, it was not riches the powder kegs uncovered, but sheer terror, for when the smoke cleared, out poured an army of raging giants from the darkest recesses of the mines. The hecatonchires - thralls of the lost Throne dynasty - were, at last, free from their lightless prison; three hundred years of hate fueling their madness.
Copperbell Mines (Hard).

Copperbell Mines (Hard) Copperbell Mines (Hard)
Level 50
Item level 48
Copperbell Mines (x28 y16)

Huzzah, back to the mines! Adventurers have cleared Copperbell Mines of hecatoncheires--or have they? A band of engineers from Amajina & Sons have gone missing in the deep shaft, cut off mid-knock: "ON SCHEDULE. HELP HEC--". A more thorough adventurer is needed to mop up the enduring giants, if pickaxes are to ring again underground and the gil to flow overground.
Cape Westwind.

Cape Westwind Cape Westwind
Level 49
Imperial Outpost (x8 y5)

It has come to light that Rhitahtyn sas Arvina, praefectus castrorum of the XIVth Legion, is scheduled to inspect the imperial outpost at Cape Westwind. Although native to a territory subjugated by the Empire, Rhitahtyn's prowess as a field tactician has won him a station of great authority within the Garlean military. Such a formidable enemy general will surely prove an obstacle to the Alliance's efforts to purge the realm of the imperial menace. For the first phase of Operation Archon, you have been entrusted the mission of infiltrating the imperial outpost and striking him down.
Castrum Marinum.

Castrum Marinum Castrum Marinum
Level 80
Item Level 485
The Footfalls (x12 y13)

The liberation of Terncliff has led to the discovery of vital information regarding the Weapon project. A warmachina code-named “Emerald” is believed to have escaped by sea to an imperial installation, so you and Gaius make your way to Castrum Marinum, one of two likely locations. Retrieved data suggests that your foe is armed with floating manipulators, though how exactly these will be employed in battle remains to be seen.

Guildhest Guildhests
Level 10
Horizon (x23 y16)

Hall of the Novice.

Hall of the Novice Hall of the Novice
Level 15
Copperbell Mines (x28 y16)


Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Battle FATE. Needles to Slay 5-10 Hammerlea (x23 y25) 15 minutes Defeat the cactuars.
Needles shed by cactuars are the number four cause of foot irritation in all western Thanalan. By slaying a few cactuars, we can see that number drop to sixth, or even seventh!
Battle FATE. A Matter of Rust 5-10 Hammerlea (x23 y26) 15 minutes Defeat the rusty coblyns.
After devouring all the ore remaining in a nearby abandoned mine, a sizable pack of coblyns has set out into the desert in search of new feeding grounds. Amajina & Sons will suffer the pilfering of their yet-to-be-claimed resources no more, and seek the immediate eradication of the pests.
Battle FATE. Things that Make You Go Home 6-11 Hammerlea (x22 y28) 15 minutes Defeat the yarzon feeders.
Land purchased by a wealthy real estate mogul for development into luxury estates has become overrun with yarzons. Slay the vilekin before someone sees them and property values drop.
Defense FATE. Deface the Facts 8-13 Hammerlea (x19 y26) 15 minutes Protect the shipments of brass cogs from the goblin muggers.
Now banished from Ul'dah for various acts of vandalism and basic thuggery, a gang of unruly, yet simply adorable, goblin muggers has made its way to Hammerlea where the beastmen have found a new favorite pastime─the destruction of random items lying about the Hammers. It is time they were shown some tough love.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the worried worker.
Battle FATE. Please Hammers, Don't Hurt Them 8-13 Hammerlea (x18 y28) 15 minutes Defeat the hammer beaks.
Hammer beaks have drawn too close to the Silver Bazaar for comfort, causing many a sleepless night for the hamlet's residents. Become the anvil which stops the cloudkin's advance.
Item FATE. The Cores 8-13 Hammerlea (x18 y28) 15 minutes Deliver earth sprites cores to the diligent worker.
The workers of Hammerlea require earth sprite cores to help harden the land before they can drive their massive piles.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the diligent worker.
Boss FATE. Doomed 9-14 Nophica's Wells (x24 y21) 15 minutes Defeat the doomed gigantoad.
Before the Calamity, the Brass Blades were flooded with reports of a giant toad-like creature roaming the desert, lapping up poor Lalafellin travelers with its long, sticky tongue. Now, ten summers later, rumors of a “doomed gigantoad” are surfacing once again.
Boss FATE. The Villain 9-14 Nophica's Wells (x22 y23) 15 minutes Defeat Cactuar Jack.
No one knows why Cactuar Jack feels the need to rain his hundred needles down upon all who happen by, because few have lived long enough to ask him...not that he would answer if he were asked, or that anyone would be able to understand him if he were to answer.
Battle FATE. Copied Peistes 10-15 Hammerlea (x24 y21) 15 minutes Defeat the desert peistes.
The shorthanded Brass Blades desperately seek aid in ridding the area of deadly peistes, who, without any predators save man, continue to multiply at an alarming rate.
Battle FATE. Dog Eat Dog 10-15 Horizon's Edge (x25 y19) 15 minutes Defeat the dusty mongrels.
Feral packs of diseased dogs roam the desert attacking anyone carrying anything resembling food...or anyone resembling food, for that matter. Put the beasts down before a poor Lalafell becomes lunch.
Battle FATE. Pound for Pound 10-15 Horizon's Edge (x23 y21) 15 minutes Defeat the hammer beaks.
The incessant hammering of hammer beaks' hammer-like beaks is causing local settlers a great deal of lost sleep. Help the poor smallfolk strike at their problem while the iron is hot.
Battle FATE. Bigger Fish to Fry 13-18 The Footfalls (x15 y16) 15 minutes Defeat the smallmouth orobon.
Unable or unwilling to tackle larger prey, orobon tend to feed on young fish. The lack of young fish leads to an eventual lack of old fish, putting those fishers of Crescent Cove who rely on the sea's bounty to make their living in quite a predicament. Help solve their trouble by dealing with the root of the problem.
Boss FATE. Bubble Trouble 13-18 The Footfalls (x15 y16) 15 minutes Defeat Bubbly Bernie.
Several crab-loving fishers have journeyed to the Footfalls in search of a giant delicacy-to-be known to the locals as Bubbly Bernie. Unfortunately, without some help, it looks like the fishers are going to be the ones to get served.
Battle FATE. Staying Dead 20-25 The Footfalls (x13 y11) 15 minutes Defeat the dune bogies.
The restless spirits of fishers lost at sea have wandered back, unable to break their ties with the corporeal world. Purify these poor souls so that they may continue their journey into Thal's realm.
Boss FATE. There Might Be Giants 21-26 The Footfalls (x13 y10) 15 minutes Defeat Crier Briareos.
A giant in Thanalan! It is not yet known whence he came, but it is known whither he must needs go─straight to the seventh hell!
Escort FATE. Tripped up by the Fruit of Another 22-27 The Footfalls (x14 y8) 15 minutes Escort the mauled merchant to Vesper Bay.
A merchant en route to Vesper Bay was attacked by a pack of jackals after slipping and falling on a sun lemon rind left discarded by a traveling lemoncake monger. He requests an escort to the port town as he does not believe he can make it alone.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the mauled merchant.
Boss FATE. He's Got Legs 22-27 Parata's Peace (x14 y6) 15 minutes Defeat Daddy Longlegs.
Unofficial studies conducted by unauthorized persons claim that more Ul'dahn children are orphaned by bloody attacks on their parents by a terrible creature called Daddy Longlegs than by any other means. In the time you take to question this claim, another child may be orphaned. Are you willing to take that risk!?
Battle FATE. Juggernaut Down 23-28 The Footfalls (x13 y7) 15 minutes Defeat the 4th Cohort.
A unit of Garlean soldiers is sifting through the wreckage of a fallen imperial juggernaut, presumably searching for any salvageable pieces of magitek equipment. Engage the unit and see its members are unable to report their findings to Castrum Marinum.


Scorpion Crossing: Levemates

Graceful Song is the Levemate Usher in Scorpion Crossing (SC). She will help the player gather the Leves needed to better help them level up within this area. All Leves are broken up in 3 categories: Battlecraft, Fieldcraft, and Tradecraft. The player must select which to help advance in leveling. Some Field and/or Tradecraft may only be available at a certain level or within a certain area.

Horizon: Levemates

Totonowa is the Levemate Usher in Horizon (H). He will help the player gather the Leves needed to better help them level up within this area. All Leves are broken up in 3 categories: Battlecraft, Fieldcraft, and Tradecraft. The player must select which to help advance in leveling. Some Field and/or Tradecraft may only be available at a certain level or within a certain area.

Level 1
  • Berries Got Bucked (SC)
  • Either Love Them or Kill Them (SC)
  • Observe and Protect (SC)
  • Road Rage (SC)
Level 5
  • Two Yalms Under (SC)
  • The Ore the Better (SC)
  • A Spoonful of Poison (SC)
  • Procession of the Noble (SC)
Level 10
  • Out of Body, Out of Mind (H)
  • Reeking Havoc (H)
  • Beak to Beak (H)
  • From Runis to Riches (H)
Level 1
  • Miner
    • Who Needs Paperwork (SC)
    • Miner's Holiday (SC)
Level 5
  • Miner
    • Do they Ore Don't They (SC)
    • I Don't Zinc It's a Coincidence (SC)
Level 10
  • Miner
    • That's Why They Call It Fools Gold (H)
    • We Do This the Hard Way (H)
Level 1
  • Goldsmith
    • Hora to Me (SC)
    • Water of Life (SC)
    • Bad Bromance (H)
  • Weaver
    • Hire in the Blood (SC)
    • Long Hair, Long Life (SC)
    • Burn Me Up (SC)
  • Alchemist
    • Met A Sticky End (SC)
    • The Bleat Is On (SC)
    • Days of Chunder (SC)
Level 5
  • Goldsmith
    • A Ringing Success (SC)
    • A Needle is a Small Sword (SC)
    • Horn of Plenty (SC)
  • Weaver
    • Wiggle Room (SC)
    • Time for Action (SC)
    • This Is Why You Can't Have Nice Things (SC)
  • Alchemist
    • Gotta Bounce (SC)
    • The Hexster Runoff (SC)
    • Don't Be So Tallow (SC)
Level 10
  • Weaver
    • Making Gloves Out of Nothing at All (H)
    • Dirt Cheap (H)
    • Welcome to the Cotton Club (H)


  • Little Ladybug
  • Star Marmot
  • Cactuar
  • Hammer Beak
  • Sun Midge Cloud
  • Yarzon Feeder
  • Rusty Coblyn
  • Earth Sprite
  • Nesting Buzzard
  • Goblin Mugger
  • Sandtoad
  • Sun Midge Swarm
  • Desert Peiste
  • Dusty Mongrel
  • Copper Coblyn
  • Bomb
  • Giant Tortoise
  • Arbor Buzzard
  • Thickshell
  • Scaphite
  • Bloated Bogy
  • Lead Coblyn
  • Yarzon Scavenger
  • Laughing Toad
  • Moondrip Blastmaster
  • Moondrip Piledriver
  • Moondrip Stonehauler
  • 4th Cohort Eques
  • 4th Cohort Hoplomachus
  • 4th Cohort Laquearius
  • 4th Cohort Signifer
  • 4th Cohort Secutor
  • 4th Cohort Vanguard
  • Sewer Syrup (B-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Alectryon (A-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Zona Seeker (S-Rank Elite Mark)

Musical themes[]


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