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Western La Noscea.

Western La Noscea is a location in Final Fantasy XIV.


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Players who begin their adventure as an arcanist or marauder will eventually be sent here to help at Swiftperch. The Limsa Lominsa starting storyline culminates in driving off a raid of Serpent Reavers from attacking the hamlet. After the Reavers are routed, the masked mage suddenly appears and attacks the Adventurer for interfering. As he summons a lesser gargoyle from the void, Y'shtola arrives to help fend off the dark mage.

During Through the Maelstrom, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn travel with Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn to the Sapsa Spawning Grounds to stop the summoning of Leviathan.

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Western La Noscea lies along the northern end of Galadion Bay. Most settlements were devastated by the Calamity, and those that weren't would be claimed by the Sahagin. The Tidegate was constructed as a barrier against further incursions from the Sapsa Spawning Grounds.

This zone connects to Upper La Noscea in the north, and to Middle La Noscea in the east. Ferry services at Aleport travel to Candlekeep Quay in Lower La Noscea, the Isle of Umbra, and to the city-state of Limsa Lominsa.




There are two Aetherytes:

  • Swiftperch: A settlement struggling to rebuild after the Calamity.
  • Aleport: A popular sea port in Western La Noscea, known for its namesake breweries.


Western La Noscea contains the following areas:

  • Quarterstone – Ruined farmsteads in the east.
  • Skull Valley – The central region.
  • Isle of Umbra – A treacherous island containing the Pharos Sirius.
  • Halfstone - A region taken by the Sahagin, and considerably redecorated with coral deposits.
  • Sapsa Spawning Grounds - The stronghold of the Sahagin beast-tribe.


Western La Noscea's climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency
Clear Skies Clear Skies 30%
Fair Skies Fair Skies 20%
Clouds Clouds 20%
Fog Fog 10%
Wind Wind 10%
Gales Gales 10%

Places of interest[]

Brewer's Beacon[]

A lighthouse located between Swiftperch and Aleport, built to replace Swiftperch Tower after it was destroyed in the Calamity. As the name implies, the lighthouse is principally for the benefit of ale shipments leaving Aleport.

Camp Skull Valley[]

Formerly a mere outpost, it is now a major military garrison of the Maelstrom that manages the Tidegate—a walled barrier into Sahagin spawning grounds at Halfstone.

Sastasha Seagrot[]

A series of caverns believed to have been used as a hideout by the Serpent Reavers.

Pharos Sirius[]

A towering lighthouse with a castle-like architecture, it was impaled by a shard of corrupted aether during the Calamity. Since then, it has become home to a siren who has bewitched many a mariner with her song.

Moonshade Isle[]

A small remote island off the coastline, used by the Sahagin for collecting food.

Sapsa Spawning Grounds[]

The stronghold of the Sahagin at the far end of Western La Noscea, created in the aftermath of the Calamity. Its presence has led to increasing skirmishes with the Maelstrom, largely instigated by the militant Coral Tridents faction of the beastmen.




Sastasha Sastasha
Level 15
Skull Valley (x28 y21)

After a period of relative silence following the Calamity, the Serpent Reavers have once again taken to terrorizing the inland hamlets of La Noscea─killing the men, kidnapping the women and children, plundering the storehouses, and burning what little they leave behind. For years, it was not known how the pirates were able to raid areas so far from the coast, until a local shepherd sighted a band of painted ruffians entering the Sastasha Seagrot, carrying large quantities of sacks and crates. Could it be that there is more to this cave than meets the eye?
Pharos Sirius.

Pharos Sirius Pharos Sirius
Level 50
Item level 48
Pharos Sirius (x16 y30)

The once-proud Pharos Sirius is twice dishonored─once by the Calamity, and now by the deadly siren of Umbra, who plots to hold the lighthouse as a personal stronghold with the aid of her minions. Silence her lunatic song, dispatch the usual suspects─ashkin and winged monstrosities─and reclaim the light of the civilized world.
Sastasha (Hard).

Sastasha (Hard) Sastasha (Hard)
Level 15
Item level 80
Skull Valley (x28 y21)

Tucked deep inside the dank caverns of the Sastasha Seagrot, there is a secret port said to have been built by the pirate Mistbeard. In the years following the Calamity, the notorious Serpent Reavers claimed it as their lair, until the cutthroats were vanquished by a band of dauntless adventurers. The place subsequently came under the control of Lominsan authorities, who maintained a security presence within.

Alas, that control did not last, for an unknown faction has arisen─seemingly from the briny depths─and overwhelmed the occupying Yellowjackets. Opinion is divided over the identity of these foes. Some say that they are pirates, while others swear that they are fiends. Yet it does not take a scholar to see that these two things need not be mutually exclusive.


Guildhest Guildhests
Level 10
Swiftperch (x34 y31)

Hall of the Novice.

Hall of the Novice Hall of the Novice
Level 15
Hall of the Novice (x28 y24)
Skull Valley (x28 y21)


Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Battle FATE. Shredding Wheat 10-15 The Flock (x34 y29) 15 minutes Defeat the wild dodos and jackals.
The wheat fields abandoned after the Calamity have turned into a breeding ground for wild animals who prey on Swiftperch's crops and stock. Drive the creatures from the overgrowth and slay as many as possible.
Boss FATE. Barometz Soup 10-15 Quarterstone (x36 y28) 15 minutes Defeat Barometz.
Already known for its size in the Sixth Astral Era, the overgrown landtrap Barometz has grown even larger since the Calamity, feeding on weakened dodos and aldgoats until reaching its current size of almost two score hands. Slice it down to size, or you might be its next victim!
Battle FATE. The Last Straw 12-17 The Flock (x33 y29) 15 minutes Destroy the dodo's nests.
What nature did not reclaim of Quarterstone after the Calamity, the dodos did, but now it is time to take the land back. Destroy nests and drive the cloudkin from the fields, so that the settlers might piece back together their lives.
Boss FATE. Tender Buttons 12-17 The Flock (x32 y28) 15 minutes Defeat Gluttonous Gertrude.
Gluttonous Gertrude was just another plump dodo on the farm...until she bit the arse off one of the stable boys at Swiftperch and escaped into Quarterstone. Seek out the ravenous bird and slay her before another rump goes missing.

An alternate version of Tender Buttons Tender Buttons appears during the Lightning Strikes event.

Boss FATE. (I Just) Died in Six Arms Tonight 13-18 Quarterstone (x30 y29) 15 minutes Defeat Old Six-arms.
It is believed most crabs only live for two to three years─fewer if nearby Lominsans are hungry. There is one crab, however, that is rumored to have survived since the Fifth Astral Era, surviving on the blood of man (though no one can truly back that claim). All things must die, and Old Six-arms's time has come.
Battle FATE. Goblin Chain 15-20 Skull Valley (x27 y24) 15 minutes Defeat the goblin hunters.
A band of goblins turned away from Aleport is taking out its frustrations on the hamlet by blockading its entrance. Put the creatures down so that business may carry on as usual.
Battle FATE. Between Aurochs 15-20 Skull Valley (x29 y26) 15 minutes Defeat the aurochs.
Several aurochs have begun grazing alongside the De Nevelle Westroad, frightening merchants and preventing the transport of goods to and from the area. Use any means necessary to urge the beasts from the thoroughfare.
Escort FATE. Absolutely, Positively 16-21 Skull Valley (x25 y25) 15 minutes Escort the storm courier to the South Tidegate.
An important missive from the Admiral must be delivered to South Tidegate. See to it the storm courier tasked with carrying the message reaches her destination unharmed.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the storm courier.
Battle FATE. In the Sac 16-21 Skull Valley (x22 y23) 15 minutes Defeat the killer mantises.
A killer mantis egg sac has burst open, releasing countless of the deadly vilekin into western La Noscea. It is best they are slain now while young before given the opportunity to live up to their name.
Battle FATE. Don't Call Him a Fishback 17-22 Skull Valley (x24 y23) 15 minutes Defeat the shallowclaw and shallowtail Reavers.
The Serpent Reavers─mindless servants of the Sahagin─are raiding the farmsteads of western La Noscea, killing the men, savaging the women, and selling the children into servitude. Aid the Maelstrom in putting these foul turncloaks down.
Defense FATE. Letters from Tidegate 17-22 Skull Valley (x24 y24) 15 minutes Protect the careless carrier from the drowned crofter and butchers.
A letter carrier tasked with delivering messages from soldiers on the front lines back to their loved ones in Limsa Lominsa is being harassed by bandits who seek to claim the personal effects enclosed in the packages. Slay the perpetrators and defend the young man.
Item FATE. Iron Contra Affair 18-23 Skull Valley (x26 y23) 15 minutes Deliver crates of contraband to the Yellowjacket captain.
Goblins from Iron Lake, now encamped in Skull Valley, are peddling items strictly prohibited by thalassocratic decree. Yellowjackets stationed in the area are seeking to confiscate the contraband and are entreating adventurers for aid.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Yellowjacket captain.
Boss FATE. Tryp Fantastic 18-23 Skull Valley (x26 y22) 15 minutes Defeat Tryptix Stumblemox.
The goblins encamped in Skull Valley have hired a named mercenary to help them raid the nearby farmsteads. Hunt down Tryptix Stumblemox and slay him.
Battle FATE. Dead Man's Rest 40-45 The Isles of Umbra (x16 y32) 15 minutes Defeat the dead man's moans.
There are some sailors who, even after death, cannot bear to part from the sea, their moans a testament to the chains that bind them to the corporeal realm. Slay these wandering spirits and sever those bonds so that they may return to the Lifestream.
Boss FATE. The King's Justice 40-45 The Ship Graveyard (x14 y34) 15 minutes Defeat the mantis king.
There are many creatures in Eorzea who call themselves “king”; however, only one of those is a mantis with claws powerful enough to decollate a stone golem─the mantis king. Stay on your toes, or it is off with your head.
Battle FATE. Gauging North Tidegate 44-49 Halfstone (x20 y19) 15 minutes Defeat the Sahagin sappers.
A party of Sahagin scouts has approached North Tidegate in an attempt to gauge the strength of its defenses. Drive the beastmen back to the sea.
Boss FATE. Breaching North Tidegate 44-49 Halfstone (x20 y19) 15 minutes Defeat Meww the Pusher and the Sahagin skirmishers.
A failed attempt by the garrison at North Tidegate to drive back a party of Sahagin scouts has emboldened the beastmen into launching an attempt to breach the massive wall. The Sahagin and their leader Meww the Pusher must not be allowed to pass at any cost.

Spawn conditions:

Boss FATE. Sharknado 44-49 Halfstone (x18 y19) 15 minutes Defeat Voll the Sharkskinned.
High-ranking Sahagin official (if such a thing exists) Voll the Sharkskinned has arrived at Tidegate to observe the work of his subordinates. There will never be a better opportunity to take the known killer's head. Do not let him slip from our grasp!
Quest FATE. The Mandragoras 45-50 The Ship Graveyard (x16 y35)
Does not appear on the map.
15 minutes Defeat the mandragoras.
Sensing weakness in the realm following the Calamity, five rogue vegetables (well, technically four and a fruit) have risen up to rid the land of all meat─including YOU. Cool off the Mandragoras before their verdant insurgence gains steam.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with Hildibrand.
  • Must be on the quest Seeds of Rebellion Seeds of Rebellion to initiate.
  • FATE provides no rewards, and players not on the quest can participate without level syncing.
Battle FATE. Gauging South Tidegate 45-50 Sahagin Landbase (x18 y21) 15 minutes Defeat the Sahagin sappers.
A party of Sahagin scouts has approached South Tidegate in an attempt to gauge the strength of its defenses. Drive the beastmen back to the sea.
Boss FATE. Breaching South Tidegate 45-50 Sahagin Landbase (x18 y21) 15 minutes Defeat Mouu the Puller.
A failed attempt by the garrison at South Tidegate to drive back a party of Sahagin scouts has emboldened the beastmen into launching an attempt to breach the massive wall. The Sahagin and their leader Mouu the Puller must not be allowed to pass at any cost.

Spawn conditions:

Battle FATE. Tail of a Whale 46-50 Sapsa Spawning Grounds (x17 y16) 15 minutes Defeat Worr the Whalefin and the drowned steersmen.
Instead of killing his victims, the primal Leviathan will “drown” them, erasing their wills and rendering them mindless servants of the Lord of the Whorl. Sahagin leader Worr the Whalefin commands an army of these pitiless souls, and that army is on the move, looking for their master's next victims!
Boss FATE. Watch Your Tongue 48-51 Halfstone (x13 y16) 10 minutes Defeat Aermswys the Stained and the Reaver right hands.
Notorious Serpent Reaver captain Aermswys the Stained is believed to be hiding somewhere in the Serpent's Tongue. Hunt down the wanted criminal and send her to the abyss.
Boss FATE. Making Waves 49-52 Sapsa Spawning Grounds (x17 y15) 15 minutes Defeat Yarr the Wavefiend.
Yarr the Wavefiend, he who speaks with Leviathan's voice, has come to the Sapsa Spawning Grounds to see his lord resurrected. Suffice it to say he cannot be allowed to succeed. Slay him, and send his ambitions sinking to the briny depths.



  • Wild Jackal
  • Roseling
  • Fat Dodo
  • Sewer Mole
  • Rhotano Buccaneer
  • Arbor Buzzard
  • Puk Hatchling
  • Dusk Bat
  • Goblin Hunter
  • Hedgemole
  • Rothlyt Pelican
  • Killer Mantis
  • Plasmoid
  • Dead Man's Moan
  • Preying Mantis
  • Lammergeyer
  • Trenchtooth Sahagin
  • Sea Wasp
  • Shelfclaw Sahagin
  • Shelfscale Sahagin
  • Shelfspine Sahagin
  • Sapsa Elbst
  • Sapsa Shelfclaw
  • Sapsa Shelfscale
  • Sapsa Shelfspine
  • Axolotl
  • Dark Helmet (B-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Nahn (A-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Bonnacon (S-Rank Elite Mark)

Musical themes[]


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