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FFT0 West Nesher District

West Nesher District.

West Nesher District (西ネシェル地区, Nishi Nesheru Chiku?) is a region of the Militesi territory in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is located in the southwest of Orience.

Locations Edit

West Nesher is surrounded by mountains in the north (although there is a passage leading to Cetme District), by the sea in the west and connects to the East Nesher District in the east as well as the Veill Desolands in the south. Due to the cold climate in the west, it is constantly snowing.

Bazz Edit

Bazz is the main city in this district and is located on the first increase of terrain in the west.

Items Edit


Rhiane's Crystal location.

l'Cie Rhiane's Crystal is found in the northewest corner of the map.

Enemies Edit

The enemies here are between levels 35-60

Plains Edit

  • Wendigos also patrol the area as fixed encounters

Forests Edit

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