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Terncliff in Werlyt.

Werlyt (ウェルリト, Werurito?) is a region in Final Fantasy XIV. It is located in western Ilsabard, just on the other side of the Ghimlyt Dark from Ala Mhigo in Eorzea. Werlyt is visited in the Sorrow of Werlyt storyline.

Werlyt is known to be inhabited by Hyur and Au Ra.


Werlyt was originally run by the XIVth Imperial Legion of the Garlean Empire under Gaius van Baelsar. After Gaius's supposed death, it was taken over by the VIIth Imperial Legion and Valens van Varro. Werlyt is freed from Garlean occupation over the course of the Sorrow of Werlyt storyline.


  • Terncliff: A seaside town in south Werlyt.
  • Castrum Collinum: Valens van Varro's base of operations.