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Weiss DoC

Weiss Empowered, known in Japan as Weiss with Omega's Power Dwelling Within (オメガの力宿りしヴァイス, Omega no Chikara Yadorishi Vaisu?), is a boss that is fought by Vincent at the end of Chapter 11 of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.

The fight against Weiss Empowered has two phases. In the first phase, for plot purposes, Weiss takes very little damage from Vincent's attacks, moves at high speeds, and is able to deplete large amounts of Vincent's HP with a single strike. Phoenix Downs do not activate in the first phase of the fight against Weiss Empowered; as such, Vincent must lose.

In the second phase of this boss fight, Weiss Empowered uses devastating combos and energy attacks to damage Vincent; these often protect Weiss from damage while they are being executed. Vincent should only shoot at Weiss when the boss is standing completely still, and since this is the last battle in which he has a serious chance of losing, he can use any MP, items, or Limit Breaks available to him without fear.

Attacks Edit

Attack Damage Type Description
Machine Gun 105 Normal Weiss Empowered fires a series of bullets at Vincent.
Sword Slash 192 Hard Weiss Empowered attacks Vincent with his swords.
Grand Shockwave 390 Hard Weiss Empowered creates a powerful shockwave that can be dodged simply by jumping over it.
Streaking Swords 260 Hard Weiss Empowered uses his swords to launch a blast of energy at Vincent.
Homing Energy Blast 120 Hard Weiss Empowered jumps onto his throne and launches four energy balls at Vincent. These are difficult to dodge, but they can be avoided if Vincent hides behind a nearby capsule.
Sword Slash Combo 160 x 10 Hard Weiss Empowered slashes at Vincent several times with his swords.

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