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Weight (重さ, Omosa?), also called Equip Weight, is a recurring statistic in the Final Fantasy series, and refers to the equipment weight. It is provided through armor, the higher it is, the longer it takes for a turn to come. Usually, higher weight is associated with more powerful equipment, defensive-wise. Therefore heavier equipment makes a character more resistant to damage, but also slower.


Final Fantasy V[]

The Weight stat is a character-exclusive stat that amounts to the total weight of armor and accessory equipped. Along with Agility, it affects how fast the Active Time Battle bar fills up (8 weight = -1 agility). In the Pixel Remaster, the weight formula was change to (4 weight = -1 agility).

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-[]

This determines how fast Vincent can run while in shooting mode. The higher the Weight, the slower Vincent moves. Oddly, it does not affect his speed while the gun is at his side.

World of Final Fantasy[]

Weight determines how heavy a Mirage is. The size-class of the Mirage determines its weight stat: S-sized Mirages have a weight stat between 1-3, 3-5 for M-sized, and 5-8 for L-sized Mirages. The total weight of all Mirages in a stack determines its stability: the higher the number, the more stable the stack is. XL-sized Mega Mirages do not have a weight stat. Puzzle Switches found throughout Grymoire require the player to stack atop of them a combination of Mirages to meet a certain requirement of total weight and an elemental resistance to activate them.