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Weggfarr is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is an former rival of Hamon Holyfist who appears during the Pugilist storyline.


When old Hamon starts training to regain his former strength, Weggfarr arrives on the scene with Rurukuta. Having mocked Hamon's efforts, Weggfarr challenges him to a public rematch, with the Pugilists' Guild itself as the prize for the winner.

Once Weggfarr returns to Ul'dah, he is knocked down by Hamon before he even uses his axe. Not wanting to admit defeat, Weggfarr resorts to using a substance he calls pluton to increase his strength and comes at you in a frenzy. With Rurukuta fighting alongside the Warrior of Light, they defeat Weggfarr and his minions.




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Weggfarr Wideaxe is fought in special instance in Level 30 Pugilist quest Return of the Holyfist Return of the Holyfist.