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Weepers are a species of enemy in Final Fantasy XI. They are a variety of Empty, the memories of souls that lie inside Promyvion. They can associate themselves with any element, as indicated by the glow of their inner cores, and its weaknesses and resistances depend on that element. Weepers can be found in all areas of Promyvion and can drop Memories and also certain Recollections.

Weepers are hunched over creatures with no evident facial features, other than a mouth with an extending tongue used to stab and whip adversaries. Regardless, weepers do retain remarkable ability to sense their surroundings: neither Sneak nor Invisible will allow anyone to escape the notice of a weeper. They are drawn to the presence of living creatures and use their scythe-like claws to inflict grievous wounds upon all they come across.

In Abyssea-Tahrongi, where the Crag of Mea has disappeared, weepers have crawled out of the emptiness and now roam the canyon.

Regular Monsters[]

  • Lamenter
  • Weeper
  • Woeful Weeper

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Lachrymater
  • Stray
  • Wailer
  • Weeper

Special attacks[]

  • Auroral Drape: AoE Blind and Silence.
  • Empty Cutter: Single target damage.
  • Empty Kiss: Single target damage, Poison, and Plague.
  • Hexagon Belt: Defense Boost.
  • Memory of Element: AoE damage based on the Weeper's element.
  • Vacuous Oscillation: Single target damage and Poison.