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Wedge is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII fought twice along with his superior, Biggs. They are soldiers in the Galbadian army, though they keep being demoted. Biggs and Wedge are something of a comic relief recurring boss akin to Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V, Ultros from Final Fantasy VI and the Turks from Final Fantasy VII, although the duo is only faced twice; the third time the player meets them they quit before the battle can even begin.





Communications Tower[]

When Wedge joins:

"Major Biggs... Have you finished the repairs, sir? What is the enemy doing here!?"
"...Should've stayed home!"

After losing half his HP max:

"Major! We're doomed!"


Communications Tower[]

Major! We're doomed!


The battle begins with Biggs fighting on his own, but after taking three turns, or if his HP is depleted completely, Wedge will join him. Wedge only has access to a weak sword slash and Fire, and his HP is not much higher than a regular G-Soldier's. Once Biggs's or Wedge's HP is depleted, Elvoret will interrupt the battle.

D-District Prison[]

I don't wanna be demoted!


Wedge's attacks are still limited to a sword slash and Fire. When his HP falls below 75%, his Strength and Magic will permanently increase for the rest of the battle. If the player scans him after the aforementioned, he will gain the "Pissed..." status in the bottom left corner. Wedge otherwise holds many useful defensive magic for the player to draw. If inflicted with Confuse, Biggs and Wedge will attack one another in a humorous scene.

Triple Triad[]


Wedge, Biggs is a Triple Triad card. Though they are bosses, the card is the final Level 5 Monster Card in the menu. The card refines into X-Potion with Quezacotl's Card Mod. Snow Lion and Funguar have a small chance of turning into Wedge, Biggs with the Card command.


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