Wedge is a supporting character in the Final Fantasy VII series, with a minor supporting role in Final Fantasy VII and a major supporting role in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is a core member of Barret’s independent Avalanche cell along with Biggs and Jessie.

Wedge contributes to Barret’s Avalanche cell by gathering information and placating rival groups using his extensive list of contacts and his personal charm.[3] Optimistic and thoughtful, his positive mood helps to ease tension between his allies. He is close to Biggs and Jessie, and admires Cloud.

History[edit | edit source]

Before Final Fantasy VII[edit | edit source]

Wedge was born in 1987[note 1] and grew up with Biggs and Jessie, presumably in Sector 7.[4] At some point, he started adopting stray cats as pets.

Wedge was a member of Barret's independent Avalanche cell when it was formed.[note 2]

Original continuity[edit | edit source]


In December of 0007, during "No. 1 Reactor Bombing", Avalanche infiltrated Mako Reactor 1. Wedge participated in the bombing mission along with Barret, Biggs, Jessie, and the newly hired mercenary Cloud. While the group pressed forward, Wedge secured their escape passage. Once the bomb was set, they escaped the reactor before it exploded, split up, and regrouped at the Sector 8 station with everyone but Cloud. Once there, Wedge and the others boarded a train headed for their home in the Sector 7 slums.

Aboard the train, Wedge mentioned Cloud's absence and hesitantly asked Barret about their pay before Cloud appeared. He praised Cloud for his performance in the bombing mission and the group moved to the next train car. When Cloud spoke to him again, Wedge hoped that Avalanche, including himself, would someday be famous. He asked if he had a bright future ahead of him, and if Cloud responded with interest, added that all his life he had been a sidekick, but upon joining Avalanche, believed he could accomplish lots of things. As the train went dark through the security check, Wedge commented that he was seeing stars and hated the dark.[7]

Once the train reached the slums, Wedge and the others disembarked and headed to their hideout at the Seventh Heaven bar. During "At the Hideout in the Slums", they celebrated their mission's success over food and drinks. When Cloud approached him, Wedge spoke highly of Tifa's cooking and how she always lets him taste it. Wedge blamed Tifa's cooking for his "rolly-polly" physique, feeling emotionally conflicted over it, but said her good food and drinks made the restaurant famous. He attended an Avalanche meeting held by Barret that detailed their next bombing mission. Wedge asked Cloud if he seemed uptight, commended him for never being nervous, told him not to worry, and confessed to being a coward at heart. Before leaving for the next mission, he responded to Cloud's annoyed outburst, believing his hardened attitude to be an act, and that he just wanted friends. If Cloud ignored Wedge's words, he told him he could talk to him whenever, and upon further dismissal, called him "terrible" and "cold blooded".[8]

During "To the No. 5 Reactor", Wedge and the others embarked on a train to Sector 5 to bomb Mako Reactor 5. When their fake IDs were scanned, they were forced to act quick and thus disguised themselves using Shinra Electric Power Company employee uniforms. Wedge remarked that his disguise made him resemble his little brother and wondered how his family was doing. He watched Barret, Tifa, and Cloud jump from the train while remaining onboard with Biggs and Jessie. The three later regrouped with the others in the reactor and secured them a route to the objective: the reactor core. Cloud regrouped with Wedge first, who directed him to a ladder before returning to the hideout.[9]

During "Prevent the Fall of the Plate", Wedge defended the Sector 7 pillar against Shinra's attack, but an explosion sent him falling over the railing from up top. Upon hitting the ground, Cloud ran over to him and asked if he was okay. Wedge was glad Cloud remembered his name, urged him to go up and help Barret, and apologized for not being any help before succumbing to his injuries.[10]

In Hoshi o Meguru Otome, Wedge appeared as a spirit in the lifestream. When Aerith Gainsborough thought of Cloud and Tifa, Jessie's spirit responded to the mention of their names, which caused Wedge and Biggs to appear. The three of them were happy to hear that Cloud officially joined Avalanche and that they were fighting a greater threat than Shinra. They told Aerith they were fated to never be absorbed into the lifestream due to the lives they took in life. As Wedge, Biggs, and Jessie left, Aerith called to them and told them their deaths helped save people by delaying Shinra, allowing more of Sector 7's residents, including Barret's daughter Marlene Wallace, to evacuate in time.

Remake continuity[edit | edit source]

Wedge celebrates Avalanche's successful bombing mission with Biggs, Jessie, and Barret.

During "The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1", Wedge helped with the bombing mission despite his uneasiness. He questioned Cloud's reasons for helping them and believed he was doing it for more than just money, but was dismissed.[11] As the group progressed further into the reactor, Wedge stayed behind to secure an exit, telling Cloud not to worry about him and to keep his friends safe. After the reactor exploded in "Fateful Encounters", Wedge led the group as they escaped through the tunnels complaining about being hungry and reminding himself to bring a snack next time. Once outside, he noticed the size of the explosion and felt guilty. Avalanche boarded a train to the Sector 7 Undercity and Wedge expressed concern for Cloud who hadn't regrouped with them.[12] In the next train car, after Cloud had joined them late, Wedge commented on the large amount of passengers aboard and offered to ease Cloud's conscious if he was feeling guilty. Upon returning to the slums, he celebrated their victory and went home.

Neighborhood Watch.

During "Home Sweet Slum", Cloud and Tifa visited Wedge and Biggs at the Beginner's Hall. Wedge enthusiastically asked if Cloud wanted to join the neighborhood watch, who reluctantly agreed. Biggs and Wedge promised to spread word about Cloud's mercenary work, and upon his return from Scrap Boulevard, told him they already did. As Cloud and Tifa left Wedge wanted to join them, but Biggs stopped him and told him he'd be a "third wheel".[13] Later that day, Wedge attended a meeting at Seventh Heaven with his Avalanche friends and celebrated their victory over some drinks.[14]

During "Mad Dash", Wedge and Biggs joined Jessie and Cloud on a mission topside out of concern for her, believing she was acting "weird". Wedge rode a motorcycle with Biggs, providing support fire as the group was chased by Shinra soldiers and Roche.[15] Once reaching the upper plate, they headed for Jessie's parents' house. On the way Wedge stopped to interact with a stray cat. Once there, Wedge and the others ate Jessie's mother's pizza while Cloud stole Jessie's father's Shinra ID. When asked if they wanted more pizza, he happily accepted, but was scolded by his friends, and they left for the S7-6 Annex. Along the way, Wedge and Biggs told Cloud about Jessie's past and warned him not to mention it to her because she would hurt them.[16]

At the S7-6 Annex, Wedge helped create a diversion with Biggs and Cloud as Jessie ventured inside to collect the blasting agent she required. He provided cover fire as the Shinra forces attacked Cloud. When the guard dogs were unleashed on Cloud, Wedge distracted them by blowing a dog whistle. As he was being chased, one of them bit him in the rear.[17] Following Roche's defeat and exit, the three were surrounded by sweepers. As one of them attempted to restrain Cloud Wedge intercepted the attack and was chained instead, urging his friends to run. Another Avalanche cell arrived, destroyed the sweepers, and rescued a grateful Wedge. He regrouped with Biggs, Jessie, and Cloud, and they descended to the slums via parachutes secured by Jessie's father. He shared a chute with Cloud and expressed disappointment in himself, but Cloud comforted him and said he "took one for the team".

Wedge introduces Cloud to his cats.

Once back in the slums, Wedge guided Cloud to his place, passing by Biggs' and Jessie's places on the way. He told Cloud about Biggs' habit of overthinking and Jessie's playful flirtiness.[18] Upon arriving at his place, Wedge introduced Cloud to his cats and thanked him for seeing him home. Cloud apologized to Wedge, who called him "bro" in return, and told his cats not to be afraid. The next day, Wedge and the other Avalanche members were attacked by the Whispers.[19] Wedge showed concern for Jessie's leg injury and offered to step up for the Mako Reactor 5 bombing mission. However, Barret told him to stay behind and look after Jessie.[14]

After falling from the pillar, Wedge leads the evacuation of the Sector 7 slums.

Wedge, alongside Biggs, defended the Sector 7 pillar against Shinra's attack during "Fight for Survival". He was knocked over the railing by an explosion, but used his grappling gun to soften his fall only receiving minor injuries.[20] He informed Cloud of Shinra's attack and insisted on returning to the fight, but Cloud did instead, ordering him to stay with Tifa and Aerith, who patched up his injuries. As Tifa ascended the pillar to help Cloud and Barret, Wedge led Aerith to Seventh Heaven to save Barret's daughter Marlene. Along the way, he yelled for all the residents to evacuate, and upon reaching the gates to Sector 6, confronted the Shinra guards blocking it. He was pushed down and lamented to Aerith that he was "no good" to any of his Avalanche friends fighting on the pillar nor the residents of the Sector 7 slums. Aerith's encouraging words renewed his hope and inspired him to not give up. Wedge confronted the guards again who opened the gates. He directed Aerith to Seventh Heaven while he would help the residents evacuate.[21] After finishing the evacuations, Wedge returned to his place to save his cats, but was surrounded by Whispers and looked up as fiery plate debris rained down toward him.[22]

The debris that fell toward Wedge and his cat caused the ground beneath them to cave-in and they fell into the Shinra Underground Test Site. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret found him unconscious when they returned to the ruins of the Sector 7 slums during "A Broken World", happy to know he survived. Barret carried him over his shoulder and Tifa carried his cat back to Aerith's house in the Sector 5 Undercity where Wedge recovered under Elmyra's care.[23] He continued to rest throughout "In Search of Hope" and mumbled about cheeseburgers in his sleep.[24]

Wedge on video call.

During "Deliverance from Chaos", Wedge headed to the Shinra Building to help his friends who had gone in to rescue Aerith who had been taken prisoner by Shinra. He collaborated with Mayor Domino and contacted his friends via video call in Aerith's old room. The group showed concern for him, but he assured them he was feeling better thanks to Elmyra's cooking. Wedge informed them that Avalanche HQ was "running the show" in an attempt to flush out President Shinra and that a chopper was waiting for them on the roof. Barret doubted HQ would help them, their cell being considered the "black sheep" of the movement, but Wedge said he had "asked them nicely". Once the video call ended, he coughed and appeared to be in pain, which concerned Domino.[25] Later, an anxious Wedge attempted to escape the Shinra Building. From the 64th floor, he witnessed in shock as the elevator Barret, Aerith, and Red XIII were on caught fire and descended at high speed. Wedge ran for the stairs, but was surrounded by Whispers, who pushed him back. He was determined to resist them, valiantly calling out his friends' names, but was overpowered. He dejectedly apologized to Cloud, wanting to know he made a difference, and the Whispers forced him out of the elevator's window.[26]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Wedge is a heavyset 20-year-old man. He has fair skin, medium-length black hair held back by his bandanna, and blue eyes. He wears a red bandanna, metal shoulder pads, a beige shirt, a brown leather belt, dark blue shorts, and armored boots. He also wears a leather harness, a bandoleer across his chest, and grenades on his belt. In Remake, he additionally wears a black undershirt and black knee pads. He wields various different firearms and mines as his weapons of choice.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Wedge is easygoing, thoughtful, and optimistic. Like Biggs and Jessie, he is upbeat and playful. His jovial nature helps to ease tension and lighten the mood of his friends. However, he feels guilt for Avalanche's acts of terrorism, believing him and his friends are "due for a reckoning".[21] Despite his overall positive attitude, Wedge struggles with self-esteem issues regarding his role in Avalanche. He feels like dead weight in the group because of his timidness[27] and the belief that he doesn't contribute much.[28][21] Ultimately, he wants to help[14] and make a difference.[26]

Wedge spends his free time serving the neighborhood watch, protecting the residents of the Sector 7 Undercity from beasts.[13] Wedge enjoys eating and requires food to excel at his missions, often referring to food as fuel.[29][30] He praises Tifa's cooking and helps her test new menu items for Seventh Heaven.[31] He is a fan of Jessie's mother's cooking, especially her "Midgar Special" pizza recipe,[32] and also Elmyra's cooking.[25] When out cold recuperating from his injuries, he dreams of cheeseburgers. Wedge lovingly looks after his pet cats Biggums, Reggie, Smalls, as well as numerous others. The residents of the Sector 7 slums know him as a "cat whisperer" in the neighborhood watch.[33] While helping Jessie with her mission in Sector 7, he finds a stray cat and affectionately interacts with it.[30] When he returns to the slums afterward, he is eager to introduce Cloud to his cats.[18] Once he finishes evacuating the Sector 7 slums during Shinra's attack on the pillar, he risks his life and returns to rescue them.[21]

Wedge grew up with Biggs and Jessie, and respects his leader, Barret. He is friends with Tifa who values his help testing new menu items for Seventh Heaven. He is always looking out for his friends and willing to lend a helping hand.[15][14][25] He admires Cloud and wishes to be his friend, but struggles to express his feelings with words.[34] Wedge is observant and questions Cloud's hardened attitude, believing he is helping them for reasons beyond money,[11] even telling his cats that "deep down he's a big softie".[18] He is aware of Jessie's flirting and tells Cloud that "it's all a game to her", and tells him that Biggs has the habit of overthinking everything.[18]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Wedge is versatile with firearms, competently wielding various different guns during Avalanche's missions. He has some knowledge regarding explosives, assuring Cloud that his proximity mines will aid him in combat.[17] Wedge is also skilled at playing darts, holding the high score at Seventh Heaven.[14] Wedge has a way of befriending animals, especially the stray cats of the slums, and has good people skills despite his low self esteem, able to secure help from Mayor Domino and Avalanche HQ against Barret's estimations.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In the Final Fantasy VII Remake, if the player beats the record for the darts minigame, they get a trophy and Wedge later gifts Cloud a Luck Up Materia Luck Up Materia. Wedge appears as a guest character in the bike minigame during "Mad Dash" and while they venture topside and to the Shinra warehouse.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Mobius Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[edit | edit source]

Wedge appears with a fire-elemental card.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Wedge's disguise.

Wedge has a younger brother. In Final Fantasy VII, during the second bombing mission Wedge wears a disguise in the train, and says he looks just like his little brother. In dummied content from the Honey Bee Inn, a person who is implied to be Wedge's brother, called Kwedge, mentions his elder brother. An NPC in the Wonder Square of the Gold Saucer also uses the same model as disguised Wedge.

When Wedge falls from the pillar and is watched over by Aerith in the original Final Fantasy VII, if the player progresses to the next map where Biggs is, and returns to the previous map, only a little of Wedge is visible, twitching his feet. Due to the gate being blocked by the merchant, it is impossible for the player to talk to him.

Wedge holding three of his cats.

Sector 7 undercity has numerous stray cats in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Co-director Motomu Toriyama has explained that their numbers can be attributed to Wedge who loves cats so much he can't help but bring any stray he finds back home with him. He is said to feed his cats so much they easily grow larger than average. The other co-director, Naoki Hamaguchi (game design / programming), had his own cat rendered in-game. Toriyama meanwhile wanted to make sure dog people were not left out, and added some more dogs to Midgar, which is why Marle—the landlord of Stargazer Heights—has one.[35]

During Chapter 8 in the Train Graveyard in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, Vincent can talk with a girl from the World Regenesis Organization who says that when her mother died, her brother joined a Shinra resistance group, but was killed when the plate fell onto Sector 7. This could be either Biggs or Wedge.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Biggs and Wedge are a recurring running gag in the Final Fantasy series. They almost always appear as a duo, and are named after Star Wars characters, Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker's Red Squadron wingmen in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Annotations[edit | edit source]

  1. Wedge's age is listed as 20 as of the events of Final Fantasy VII in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania.[1] Since the bombing of Mako Reactor 1 occurs in December of 0007, this would make 1987 his date of birth.
  2. Though the Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania timeline states the cell was formed in October of 0007,[5] Tifa states in Final Fantasy VII Remake that the cell had been independent for a year.[6]

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