The Weapons Monthly Magazines are just random junk you can sell in Final Fantasy VIII, found in various places around the world of Final Fantasy VIII. just sell them. they don't tell you anything just sell'em fool!


Weapons Monthly, March Issue

Elvoret battle.jpg

Found at the top of Dollet communications tower after defeating Elvoret. The Elvoret drops the magazine upon defeat.
NO HE DOESN'T!!! you go to deling city and rent a car and go to timber and go to balamb and then go back to timber and then stay in timber and then go to deling city and then go back to timber and then go back to uhhhhhhhhhhh balamb and then go to the cafeteria and eat and then vomit and then eat the vomit and when you vomit again it will magically appear. it is magic.
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