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The Weapons Monthly magazines are items in Final Fantasy VIII, found in various places around the world of Final Fantasy VIII. Each magazine contains information about various models of weapons, which can be upgraded. Even though weapons can be upgraded without the magazine in which it is mentioned, it is useful, as it gives the player information on how many items are needed for the upgrade.

Some magazines can be purchased in Esthar's Book Store, but may need the Guardian Force Tonberry's Familiar ability to appear in the shop list.


Weapons Monthly, March Issue

Elvoret battle

Elvoret battle.

Found at the top of Dollet communications tower after defeating Elvoret. The Elvoret drops the magazine upon defeat.


Weapons Monthly, April Issue

Found on a table in Squall's new dorm room at Balamb Garden, after the SeeD ball.


Weapons Monthly, May Issue

Deling 8

Deling Sewers.

Found in the Deling City Sewers. This sewer is actually located behind the Presidential Residence and can be accessed by either Rinoa or Squall during their respective trips into the residence.


Weapons Monthly, June Issue

Missile Base 2

Missile Base.

Found after defeating the BGH251F2 at the Missile Base. The machine drops the magazine upon defeat.


Weapons Monthly, July Issue


Training Center.

Returned back to Balamb Garden Training Center in disc 3 and enter the area on the left, search the area for this copy.


Weapons Monthly, August Issue

Trabia Garden Lobby

Trabia Garden.

The "treasure" of Trabia Garden can be found five steps south of the Gargoyle fountain, barely seen.


Weapons Monthly, 1st Issue

Lunatic Pandora Laboratory 1

Lunatic Pandora Laboratory.

Can be found in the Lunatic Pandora lab during the last Laguna dream sequence.


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  • Squall is the only character to have a weapon in every issue of the magazine.

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