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Final Fantasy Tactics - Weapon Duplication Glitch

Final Fantasy Tactics - Weapon Duplication Glitch

Glitch in action

Weapon duplication is a famous glitch in the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy Tactics. It can only be done with one-handed weapons, and is commonly performed with the Excalibur and Save the Queen. It is done by switching a character to a class that can equip the weapon one wants copied, and giving him/her the Two Sword ability. The player must put a shield or weaker weapon in their top slot, and their weapon in the other, then select Best Fit. It should display the player's weapon in the top slot and the strongest available weapon in the bottom; if the weapon is not there, the glitch will not happen with that item. After pressing purchase, one should have a copy of the weapon duplicated. One can get up to 99 copies of any weapon the glitch works with, for nearly no gil.

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