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Weapons (ウェポン, Wepon?) are creatures that appear in several of the Final Fantasy games. Monstrously powerful, they are usually some of the toughest bosses in their respective games. Common variants include the Ultima Weapon and the usually more powerful Omega Weapon.

Weapons are generally extremely powerful bio-weapons, created usually by science or magic. For example, in Final Fantasy VI, the Ultima Weapon is an embodiment of powerful magic created during the War of the Magi, while in Final Fantasy VII, Ultimate Weapon is one of the Weapons, a group of colossal, extremely powerful beasts created by the Planet with the purpose of protecting it against great threats to its existence.


Final Fantasy IIEdit

Psp-ultima weapon

The GBA/PSP/iOS remakes include Ultima Weapon as an optional boss. It is a palette swap of a Behemoth sprite and proves to be a difficult boss. It can be found in the Soul of Rebirth dungeon, in an area that consists in a replica of the last floors of the Mysidian Tower. Defeating it grants the player the Ultima spell.

The Weapon's look follows the trend set by the Final Fantasy VI version.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Ultima Weapon appears as an optional superboss in the Depths and it knows some new attacks. After the fight, it drops the Ultima Weapon.

Final Fantasy VIEdit


The Ultima Weapon was created as a weapon of mass destruction during the War of the Magi. It is fought on the Floating Continent. There also exists a monster called Ultima Buster, which resides in Kefka's Tower.

Ultima Weapon makes its first appearance in the series. Both weapons resemble massive monsters rather than machines.

The Game Boy Advance remake includes the Omega Weapon as an additional optional boss.

Compilation of Final Fantasy VIIEdit


The Weapons play a vital role in the storyline. There are also many more, a total of seven, each named after a precious stone, except for Ultimate and Omega.

The Weapons evolve from robots or quadruped monsters into a variety of different designs, including the first upright Weapons.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

FF8 Ultima Weapon

The Ultima Weapon can be fought in the Deep Sea Research Center and the Omega Weapon can be fought in Ultimecia Castle.

Both the Weapons are simple palette swaps of each other, apart from that Ultima Weapon wields a sword. It follows both the quadruped and upright trends set by Final Fantasy VI and VII by making the Weapon resemble a centaur-like monster.

Final Fantasy XEdit


Both the Ultima Weapon and the Omega Weapon can be fought in the Omega Ruins. Nemesis is one of the toughest battles in the game and is an original creation from the Monster Arena. Ultima Buster also exists in the original creation from the Monster Arena, and while not named a weapon, it shares its name from Ultima Weapon.

The "Twin Weapons" trend set by Final Fantasy VIII returns along with its six-limbed style.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Whatever you do, don't call it Atma.

Bestiary entry

The Omega and Ultima Weapons are Random encounter battles on the Farplane and within Via Infinito. While not as formidable as their former incarnations of the Omega Ruins, they still present a challenge. A stronger version, Paragon, can be fought as the penultimate boss of the Via Infinito. Weapons Oversoul after 10 kills.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Ultima (FFXI)

Ultima and Omega appear as bosses in the Chains of Promathia expansion, classified as Biotechnological Weapons. While Omega is reminiscent of the robot Omega from Final Fantasy V, Ultima looks completely different than any other incarnation, appearing as floating, almost insectoid machine, which appears as if it could combine with Omega to resemble the traditional Ultima Weapon design.

Two other genera of Weapon enemies are exclusive to this title: the Animated Weapon and Evil Weapon. The first is composed by literal animated Weapons, the second is a more mystical genus of enemies.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

The Ultima Weapon appears as the final boss of the original Main Scenario storyline of A Realm Reborn. It is an ancient anti-Primal superweapon that was buried for several centuries before the Garlean expeditionary forces under Gaius van Baelsar unearthed it to be used in their campaign against the Grand Companies of Eorzea. Its defeat triggers the ending cinematic and the completion of the Main Scenario storyline.

Omega is mentioned during the Defenders of Eorzea storyline as an Allagan war machine much like the Ultima Weapon that was unearthed in the Carteneau Flats following the Calamity. The Syndicate member Teledji Adeledji plots to seize Omega for himself and use its power to take control of Ul'dah, if not all of Eorzea, though his plans never come to fruition. Omega is eventually revealed during the Stormblood Main Scenario, activated by Cid nan Garlond and Nero tol Scaeva in order to try and defeat the newly formed Primal, Shinryu. It disappears after the battle against Shinryu, and is eventually found again as the antagonist of the optional 8-man raid series for the Stormblood expansion.

Final Fantasy XV UniverseEdit

The Diamond Weapon wrecks Insomnia in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, and also appears in research notes in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto. It is a colossal magitek armor created by Verstael Besithia powered by the miasma of daemons.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Upsilon FFTA2

Two Magick Weapons can be fought. They are named Upsilon which, like Omega, is a letter of the Greek alphabet. The first is fought near Goug as part of the Heritor quest sequence, and the second subsequently appears in the Aldanna Range during the quest "Wanted: Magick Weapon". After defeating the second Upsilon, the player can read three pub notices, which are "Research Notes". These reveal that the Upsilons were actually based on the design schematics for the infamous Omega Mark XII.

The unnamed creator was possibly a moogle, since the Upsilons are strongly implied to have been built in Goug. In a possible reference to the game itself, the notes state that the creator called the two later models "Upsilon A2" and "Upsilon A3". It also transpires that while Omega Mark XII was powered by Mist, the three Upsilons were built to utilize lava, snow and seawater respectively (with a substantial degree of success).

While the second set of notes suggests that the player can fight the third Upsilon, it would seem that Upsilon A3's intake system was rather too efficient, as the final set of notes reveals that it went wild and exploded due to taking in too much water.

The weapons take their appearance from Final Fantasy XII, except for an additional two legs.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

FFBE Weapon
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Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Ultima Weapon FFVI

Ultima Weapon from Final Fantasy VI appears in as an enemy.

Non-Final Fantasy appearancesEdit

Bahamut LagoonEdit

Bahamut Lagoon - Saint Weapon

Saint Weapon.

The Saint Weapon and Black Buster is the holy form and dark form of the Icedrake-class dragons. The sprite of the Saint Weapon and Black Buster are modified versions of Ultima Weapon/Ultima Buster from Final Fantasy VI.

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