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It's an enchanted map that draws itself as you traverse the floors of caves and dungeons. And that's not all! For each map you complete, you'll receive a fantastic reward!


The Wayfarer's Map is an enchanted dungeon map provided by Namingway in the 3D versions of Final Fantasy IV. Namingway, under the pseudonym of Mappingway, gives this item to Cecil Harvey in the Mist Cave. The map fills itself in as the dungeon is explored. Once the map is 100% completed, it provides rewards for such thorough exploration. Each dungeon map may be completed only once—that is, if the player completes a map and earn the reward on his first playthrough, the map will already be completed on subsequent playthroughs, and no reward will be earned.



Mist Cave

Underground Waterway

  • Waterway Entrance, South - B1: Eyedrops x5
  • Underground Waterway, South - B2: Antidote x5
  • Underground Waterway, B3: Tent x3
  • Underground Waterway, North - B2: Phoenix Down x3
  • Waterway Entrance, North - B1: Ether x1
  • Underground Lake - B2: Potion x5
  • Underground Lake - B1: Zeus's Wrath x3

Antlion's Den

Mt. Hobs

Mount Ordeals

Ancient Waterway

  • Ancient Waterway - B4: Hi-Potion x3
  • Ancient Waterway - B3: Ether x1
  • Ancient Waterway - B2: Remedy x3

Lodestone Cavern

  • Lodestone Cavern - B1: Ether x1
  • Lodestone Cavern - B2: Vampire Fang x3
  • Lodestone Cavern - B3: Silent Bell x3
  • Lodestone Cavern - B4: Dry Ether x1

Cave of Eblan

Giant of Babil

  • Giant of Babil - Neck: X-Potion x3
  • Giant of Babil - Chest: Remedy x5
  • Giant of Babil - Stomach: Dry Ether x1
  • Giant of Babil - Internal Passage: Elixir x1


Tower of Babil

Sylph Cave

  • Sylph Cave - B1: Silver Apple x1
  • Sylph Cave - B2: Silver Apple x1
  • Sylph Cave - B3: Silver Apple x1

Passage of the Eidolons

  • Passage of Eidolons - B1: Soma Drop x1
  • Passage of Eidolons - B2: Soma Drop x1
  • Passage of Eidolons - B3: Soma Drop x1

Sealed Cave

The Red Moon

Lunar Path

  • Lunar Path - West Tunnel: Siren x3
  • Lunar Path - East Tunnel: Siren x3

Bahamut Cave

  • Bahamut Cave - B1: Golden Apple x1
  • Bahamut Cave - B2: Golden Apple x1
  • Bahamut Cave - B3: Golden Apple x1

Lunar Subterrane

Other Locations

Tower of Zot



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