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Wavering Heart is an Odd Job in Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in Wall Market. While Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace search for a way to the Shinra Building, they speak to Andrea Rhodea to learn more. Rhodea takes an interest in Tifa, noting her "slender, yet toned, perfectly balanced physique" in contrast to her "tight" muscles. Jules then suggests she challenge him to a pull-up contest.


Andrea Rhodea is located in the Wall Market gym, using the pull-up bar in the back. Talking to him will begin the minigame; much like the Squats minigame "Burning Thighs", the objective is to press buttons in a set sequence to get more pull-ups than the opponent. If there is a tie, the player will lose.

The sequence to perform a successful pull-up depends on the round; it is initially Square, Circle, Triangle, X repeated, though the button order changes for each round. The on-screen prompts disappear after a few pull-ups. After this, other than keeping rhythm, keeping track of Tifa's movements is the best way to guarantee her performing a successful pull-up; when she completes one movement, press the next button, though do not wait too long as she will fall. Each successful pull-up allows Tifa to increase her pace, and pull-up faster. Pressing a button too fast, or pressing the wrong button, will cause her to fall.

The minigame comprises two rounds of equal time each, and scores maintain constant. As before, it is more important to be steady than to be fast. Maintaining momentum without falling will still allow Tifa to beat her opponent, as they will occasionally fall. This means that memorizing the sequence and following her movements is most crucial.

Beating Andrea will award Tifa with the Way of the Fist Vol. III, granting her 10 SP to upgrade her weapons. After this, there are more challenges: