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The Wave Theory is a scientific theory originating from the school of Bio-Etherics for the purpose of ending the Phantom menace in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

The theory posits that a biotic wave field could counter that of the Phantoms', negating each other. To create this frequency a series of individual frequencies would have to be collected and combined.

According to Aki Ross, Dr. Sid's protege, these Spirits are:

  1. Herself.
  2. A fish.
  3. A deer found in a wildlife preserve outside Moscow.
  4. A sparrow.
  5. The spirit of a girl.
  6. A plant collected from Old New York's Times Square.
  7. An Ovo-pack, containing energy from a single-cell organism.
  8. The eighth spirit was a Phantom that had contact with the Earth's Gaia. After its destruction, Aki's unborn child, conceived upon the Black Boa when her and Gray comforted each other, is revealed to be the Eighth Spirit.