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I found it strange that a cadet would keep asking about the president. He was very polite and kept addressing me as 'sir'.

Galbadian Soldier

Watts is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VIII. He is a member of the Forest Owls together with Zone and Rinoa. Watts is the "undercover operative" of the organization, always out gathering information and acting as the contact point for the SeeDs hired to help.

In the Japanese game he speaks with the same slang that Wedge uses in Final Fantasy VII and Tidus uses in Final Fantasy X, adding "ssu" (ッス) to the end of certain words. The localization team for Final Fantasy VIII interpreted the slang as the respectful form of verbs, and so the English game has Watts calling people "Sir"."



Watts wears a blue headscarf, white shirt under a yellow vest with a popped collar, and dark green pants. When in disguise, Watts dresses like a Galbadian soldier.


Watts is polite to a fault, calling everyone "Sir". He willingly defers the leadership role to Zone, loyally acting as the right-hand-man. His expertise is collecting information, and the intel he procures lets the others—Rinoa and Zone—plan for the owls' next move. He shies away from direct confrontation. Together with Zone, Watts is protective of Rinoa, the owls' "princess". Watts is commonly nervous and jittery, but not wanting Rinoa to needlessly worry, braves that he can use his information-collecting skills to evade trouble and go into hiding.


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Watts's father, along with Zone's, was one of the founders of the Forest Owls; a revolution group rebelling against Galbadia's rule over Timber. When their fathers were caught and executed during the Timber War, Zone and Watts took up their fathers' group and continued the rebellion.

Watts is impressed with the SeeD party's abilities.

When the SeeDs are assigned to work for the Forest Owls Watts is the first member Squall and his party meet. He asks them for the password, though he ends up having to chase after the train if an incorrect password is given.

Watts's most prominent role within the Forest Owls is gathering information. He is very polite, referring to nearly everyone as "sir". This habit makes a Galbadian soldier suspicious when he talks to him. After Seifer holds the president hostage, Watts escapes Timber by disguising himself as a Galbadian soldier.

Later on, Watts ends up on the White SeeD Ship along with Zone. He offers Squall information about the ship, about Ellone, and about the leader of the ship.

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Triple Triad[]

Angelo card.

Watts carries the Angelo card, a level 8 GF card in Triple Triad. It can be won from him in the Forest Owls' Base or on the White SeeD Ship. These are both unrevisitable locations, so the player should play him when they get the chance.



The surname Watts derives from the common given name Watt, the short form of Walter.