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Waterkick is Tifa's first level 2 Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It is a physical attack on a random single target that strikes for 1.5 times Tifa's normal damage. This is a guaranteed critical hit if the slot reel lands on a "Yeah!", but is skipped if it lands on a "Miss". It is used in a combo with Beat Rush and Somersault, Tifa's previous Limit Breaks, and all following Limit Breaks she has obtained since.

Using Waterkick seven times will unlock Meteodrive, a fourth attack in the combo. This attack is a straight upgrade to Tifa's existing Limit Break combo, and thus, it is encouraged to use Waterdrive often and obtain it early.

When using Waterkick Tifa performs a roundhouse kick that leaves bubbles behind after hitting.


Waterkick is obtained by killing 96 enemies with Tifa. Tifa can equip the Enemy Skill Materia, particularly with Matra Magic, to speed this process up and kill enemies in the Grasslands Area, in the Mythril Mine, or in the forests of the Junon Area. Later on, the large forest in the Nibel Area past Mt. Nibel features a wave of six enemies (Battery Cap) and overall has around 4.4 enemies per encounter.

Because Waterkick is used in a combo with Beat Rush and Somersault, Waterkick is a straight upgrade to Tifa's existing Limit Break, with the only negative being a slightly slower charge time. This means it is ideal to obtain it as soon as possible.


Waterkick is a single physical attack, performed in a combo with her other Limit Breaks (if they were not misses), that deals 1.5 times Tifa's normal damage. If the slot reel lands on a "Hit" this is a normal attack, but if it lands on a "Yeah!" the damage is a critical hit and further increased (approximately double). If the reel lands on a "Miss" Waterkick is missed entirely. Waterkick's damage is based on Tifa's Strength stat and her currently equipped weapon. Those who wish to maximize Tifa's damage output can practice consistently landing a "Yeah!" with Waterkick, but aiming for this increases the risk of landing a "Miss".

After Waterkick is obtained, it is used in a combo with Beat Rush and Somersault. If the reels land on a "Yeah!" on all three attacks, Tifa has the potential to deal more damage to a single target than any level 2 Limit Break at this stage, although this damage will be randomly spread among enemies in a group. If the player lands all "Hit"s the damage is still respectable, comparable to the level 2 Limit Breaks of other characters; if attacks are missed, the damage output will be lower than other characters are capable of. In the hands of a player who practices with her slots, Tifa's Limit Breaks can be very effective, but they will otherwise fall behind other characters.