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Waterja in Final Fantasy XI.

Waterja (ウォタジャ, Wotaja?), also known as Aquaja or Water IV, is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. It is the final form of the Water spell.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Waterja is an area of effect spell available to Black Mages at level 84, serving as the strongest area of effect water spell. It deals Water damage, and successive use enhances spell potency.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Waterja is the strongest attack of the Esper Famfrit when he is summoned by Doctor Cid in the fight against him. It deals heavy Water damage and may inflict Silence. The spell shares the same animation with the Torrent Concurrence.

In the English localization of The Zodiac Age, Waterja is renamed Aquaja. It retains Waterja's effect from the original release. Despite the Water spells being renamed to Aqua in the Zodiac versions, the Japanese version still retains the name Waterja for the spell.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Venat using True Water IV.

True Water IV (トゥルー・ウォタジャ, Turū Wotaja?, lit. True Waterja) is a spell used by Venat as a healer when she temporarily joins as a Trust party member for the Ktisis Hyperboreia. When used, it deals water aspected damage to all enemies within an area of effect.

Water IV is also an enemy spell frequently used by the boss Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud, in the Stormblood raid dungeon Ridorana Lighthouse. It deals moderate damage to all players.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Icon in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

The default Waterja skill is a Rank 4 Black Magic ability that deals one hit of high water-elemental damage to one target. It requires Greater Black, Fire and Ice Orbs to hone its uses.

A stronger multi-hit version of Waterja also exists, known as Chain Waterja (連続ウォタジャ, Renzoku Wōtaja?, lit. Continuous Waterja). It is a rank 6 Black Magic ability that deals five strong water-elemental attacks to a single target. In order to craft the ability, players are required to obtain its ability record by purchasing it with Record Rubies, which can only be obtained by progressing through Torment and Dreams end-game dungeons. It also requires Black, Fire and Ice Crystals to craft. In addition to Voltech and Lunar Leviathan, Chain Waterja is one of the most desired water-elemental magic abilities for end-game activities and popular to use in conjunction with EX Mode follow-up commands triggered by water-elemental attacks, such as the Onion Knight's Onion Magic.

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

Waterja is a tier four water spell. It can be unlocked by having 2 members in a stack with tier three water spells.

It is also used by Enna Kros.


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Aqua is Latin for "water".