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Waterfall in Final Fantasy II.

A tremendous curtain of water.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Waterfall tile's description.

Waterfall (瀑布, Bakufu?) is a recurring terrain and a type of location in the Final Fantasy series. Waterfalls can hide hidden rooms or optional content, but the majority of the time, they are simply part of the scenery.


Final Fantasy[]

Behind a waterfall lies the Waterfall Cavern whose entrance is through a waterfall west of Onrac. The Waterfall Cavern holds many rare treasures, including one of the three Ribbons in the game.

Final Fantasy II[]

Semitt Falls is located west of Fynn. In the Jade Passage and Raqia, the player can be slightly damaged by walking underneath the waterfalls. There's a hidden waterfall shop located on B3, behind the waterfall at the bottom of the floor.

Final Fantasy III[]

There's a waterfall near Amur that appears after the defeat of Kraken. The river near it leads to the waterfall, and the other river goes around back to the Temple of Water and Cave of Tides. The player cannot descend the waterfall with the canoe.

Final Fantasy IV[]

The Underground Waterway has a giant waterfall in the second portion of the cave. Cecil and the others will be drag down the waterfall by the currents. On the world map, there are two waterfalls, one between Baron and the village of Mist, and one right next to Troia.

Final Fantasy V[]

Istory Falls is located in Bartz's world and in the merged world on the mountain range East of Istory, but can only be explored in the latter. Inside lies one of the tablets needed to unseal the twelve legendary weapons.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Baren Falls appears in the World of Balance located north of the Veldt, south-west of Doma Castle and the Imperial Camp. Mog could learn the Water Harmony dance when fighting in the waterfall, but these battles are one-time-only and prior to recruiting him.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Lucrecia's Cave is hidden behind a waterfall in the center of the Western Continent on the borders of the Gold Saucer Area and the Nibel Area. The player can reach it after getting a submarine or a green chocobo.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Gugoza Falls is located on Tswarra, Isle of the Lost from Lemurés.

Final Fantasy XV[]

The Greyshire Glacial Grotto is hidden behind a waterfall known as Callatein's Plunge to the west of Lestallum. After hearing rumors of a royal tomb behind a waterfall, Prince Noctis's party heads out to investigate. Being near the waterfall makes the characters appear slightly wet. There is an Almanac entry behind the waterfall in the Windows and Royal Editions of the game.

There is also a waterfall in Malmalam Thicket as a background element.

Photo Op: Waterfall is a quest that sometimes triggers when the party drives past the region in the Regalia.

Photo Op: WaterfallOutside Greyshire Glacial GrottoReach Chapter 03300 EXP

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Zeirchele Falls is a great waterfall west of Fort Besselat. A Geomancer standing on the Waterfall terrain tile will use Torrent to deal Water-elemental damage with a chance of inflicting Toad to any enemy units within five squares.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

Falls Basin is located north of Aquaria and south of the Ice Pyramid, at first is frozen due to the Crystal of Water having its power drained. It, along with the entire region, is restored to normal once the Ice Golem is defeated.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

High above the cloud towers Mount Illusia, and the Tree of Mana is enshrined on the top of the mountain. From the Mana Tree gushes out the Waterfall—the source of all life in the world. The Pendant of Mana is needed to reverse the flow of the waterfall and carry the user up to the Temple of Mana on Mount Illusia.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

Mt. Hasbid has waterfalls are barriers, the player has to go around them in order to climb up to the mountain's summit.



A waterfall is a place where water flows over a vertical drop in the course of a stream or river.