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The Watchplains is a dungeon located in the Cornelia Region of Grymoire in World of Final Fantasy.


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WoFF The Watchplains Map


Name Location Image
Eye Drops x3 Backroad 1
Ether x2 Backroad 1
Cure Seed Backroad 2
Eye Drops x3 Backroad 2
Phoenix Down x2 Backroad 3
Potion x3 Backroad 3
Wobblestopper x2 Backroad 3
Ether x10 Secret Backroad
Treasure Trove

The Treasure Trove can be found in a tent in Backroad 2.

  • Potion
  • Ether
  • Eye Drops
  • Phoenix Down
  • Wobblestopper

These reward are only given during Chapter 4.

  • Eye Drops (Cornelian Guard, Backroad 1)
  • Potion (x3) (Goblin fight, Backroad 2)
  • Ether (Goblin fight, Backroad 3)
Key Items


Goblins, Goblin Guards, Red Caps, and Red Captains can be imprismed only after Giant Goblin is defeated.

Backroad 1
Backroad 2
  • Goblin x2, Goblin Stack (Mandragora, Goblin)
  • Red Captain, Goblin Guard, Red Cap, Goblin (one-time field encounter)
  • Goblin x3 (one-time field encounter)
  • Black Nakk, Goblin Guard Stack (Mandragora, Goblin Guard), Goblin
  • Black Nakk x2, Red Cap x2
  • Babyhemoth, Bahamutian Soldier
  • Black Nakk x3
Backroad 3
  • Red Cap, Goblin Guard Stack (Mandragora, Goblin Guard), Goblin
  • Goblin Guard, Goblin x2 (one-time action encounter)
  • Goblin Stack (Mandragora, Goblin) x2
  • Black Nakk x3
  • Black Nakk, Goblin Guard Stack (Mandragora, Goblin Guard) x2
  • Red Cap, Goblin Guard Stack (Mandragora, Goblin Guard), Goblin Stack (Mandragora, Goblin)
  • Red Cap x2, Red Captain, Goblin, Goblin Guard
  • Bahamutian Commander, Giant Goblin (Bosses)
Secret Backroad

After the boss battle, continue to the path opposite the Exit Gate.

Musical themes Edit

"Labyrinth of War" is the background theme that plays in the Watchplains. "Champions' Melody" can be heard when the Warrior of Light awakens as a Champion in Chapter 4.



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