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The Watchplains is a dungeon located in the Cornelia Region of Grymoire in World of Final Fantasy.


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WoFF The Watchplains Map


Name Location Image
Eye Drops x3 Backroad 1
Ether x2 Backroad 1
Cure Seed Backroad 2
Eye Drops x3 Backroad 2
Phoenix Down x2 Backroad 3
Potion x3 Backroad 3
Wobblestopper x2 Backroad 3
Ether x10 Secret Backroad
Treasure Trove

The Treasure Trove can be found in a tent in Backroad 2.

  • Potion
  • Ether
  • Eye Drops
  • Phoenix Down
  • Wobblestopper

These reward are only given during Chapter 4.

  • Eye Drops (Cornelian Guard, Backroad 1)
  • Potion (x3) (Goblin fight, Backroad 2)
  • Ether (Goblin fight, Backroad 3)
Key Items


Goblins, Goblin Guards, Red Caps, and Red Captains can be imprismed only after Giant Goblin is defeated.

Backroad 1
  • Goblin Guard, Goblin (x2)
  • Goblin (x3)
  • Mandragora (x3)
  • Goblin (x3) (one-time field encounter)
Backroad 2
  • Goblin (x2), Goblin Stack (Goblin, Mandragora)
  • Red Captain, Goblin Guard, Red Cap, Goblin (one-time field encounter)
  • Goblin (x3) (one-time field encounter)
  • Black Nakk, Goblin Guard Stack (Goblin Guard, Mandragora), Goblin
  • Black Nakk (x2), Red Cap (x2)
  • Babyhemoth, Bahamutian Soldier
Backroad 3
  • Red Cap, Goblin Guard Stack (Goblin Guard, Mandragora), Goblin
  • Goblin Guard, Goblin (x2) (one-time field encounter)
  • Goblin Stack (Goblin, Mandragora) (x2)
  • Black Nakk (x3)
  • Black Nakk, Goblin Guard Stack (Goblin Guard, Mandragora) (x2)
  • Red Cap, Goblin Guard Stack (Goblin Guard, Mandragora), Goblin Stack (Goblin, Mandragora)
  • Red Cap (x2), Red Captain, Goblin, Goblin Guard
  • Bahamutian Commander, Giant Goblin (bosses)
Secret Backroad

After the boss battle, continue to the path opposite the Exit Gate.



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