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The Watcher is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. He serves as the guardian of Zodiark's seal on Mare Lamentorum.


After Hydaelyn sundered Zodiark and Etheirys, She created the silver moon to serve as a prison for Zodiark, because if He was destroyed, the Final Days that had nearly destroyed Etheirys would return. To ensure He remained in stasis, She created the Watcher to see over His seal. For millennia, the Watcher resided in his palace and watched over the seal. He was forced to bear witness of the seven Umbral Calamities as each of them rejoined a part of Zodiark to Him, the primal becoming more powerful with each rejoining.

One day, the Watcher witnessed a powerful wave of aetherial energy destroy five out of six of Zodiark's bindings, and he soon met the Warrior of Light and recognized them as Hydaelyn's chosen. He directed the Warrior to protect the final binding from Zenos Galvus and Fandaniel. In the end, the Warrior failed to stop them, and was forced to fight Zodiark, when Fandaniel merged with Him. The Warrior defeated Him, and while the Watcher was set to reseal Him, Fandaniel used the weakened Zodiark to destroy itself. With Zodiark gone, the shroud of aether that protected the star from the Final Days was undone. The Warrior and Watcher foresaw a vision through the Echo of Etheirys destroyed. The Watcher asked the Warrior to join him at his palace.

Y'shtola Rhul, Urianger Augurelt, and Thancred Waters also arrived on the moon and met the Watcher. The Warrior informed them that Zodiark was no more. The Watcher revealed them the foundation of the Final Days, and how it caused the ruin of the Amaurotines. The phenomenon had struck in places where aether currents were weakest, and over time, it even affected celestial aether currents that surrounded the world. When that happened, the whole planet was affected by the phenomenon.