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Most of Earth was reduced to wastelands during the conflict.

The Wastelands are barren areas of Earth, be they fields or cities, devoid of life; populated by Phantoms in the world of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

The Phantoms have forced the human race near the brink of extinction. What few cities are left are fortress towns called Barrier Cities, whose bio-etheric Ovo-packs protect the inhabitants against the Phantoms. Outside of the Barrier Cities, the Earth has been turned into a barren wasteland, with all life killed by the Phantoms. Cities like New York have been completely devastated outside of the section protected by the barrier.

Specific Wastelands[]

The Tucson Wasteland[]

The Tucson Wasteland.

The site of an old Barrier City that seems to have fallen to the Phantoms much in the same way the San Francisco and New York Barrier cities did.

Battle Field Wasteland[]

The Battle Field Wasteland is the site of the failed fourth Phantom Cleansing Mission. Now littered with aging weaponry, destroyed vehicles, and soldier skeletons, Meta, Flying, and Whale Phantoms inhabit this area. In her search for the spirit waves, Aki Ross and the Deep Eyes team traveled the wasteland, using a decoy machine to lure the Phantoms away from their search area, however the Phantom within Aki lured the Phantoms towards them, causing the team to beat a hasty retreat after obtaining the seventh spirit wave.

Old New York[]

The Old New York Wasteland.

While the Barrier City was constructed over the lower Manhattan district, the remainder of New York city fell to the Phantoms. Now an empty ghost city filled with archaic remnants of yesteryear, the Old New York wasteland is infested with human-size Phantoms; invisible to the naked eye. Aki Ross braved this wasteland on her own in order to retrieve the sixth spirit wave before it was claimed by the Phantoms.



A wasteland is land that is uncultivated or barren.