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Trophy: In Lockstep
Disable all four lever puzzle locks. Bronze

Waste Recovery is a discovery quest in Chapter 7, "A Trap Is Sprung", in Final Fantasy VII Remake. After reaching the top laboratory of Mako Reactor 5, Cloud Strife notes that the security mode can be disabled in the laboratory. This requires the lever puzzle to be completed four times.

Completing the quest unlocks the bronze trophy In Lockstep.


After disabling the emergency lock, use the console on the right to commence a dialogue. In order to open the vault, the emergency lock system must be used multiple times. Return to the lock and interact with it and, shortly after at Tifa's signal, push the Left stick down and Right stick upward, both upwards, Left stick down and Right stick upward, and finally Left stick up the and Right stick downward. The movements must align with Tifa's.

After this is done, head to the room on the right. A Magic Up Materia Magic Up Materia can be obtained Magic Up materia location from FFVII Remake, and holding the lever down reveals four treasure chests, containing: 2 phoenix down, 2 ether, 2 hi-potion, and any items disposed of from Airbuster during "Sentenced to Death". This completes the quest.