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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

The Warriors of Dawn (暁の四戦士, Akatsuki no Yonsenshi?), also known as the Dawn Warriors, are the heroes of Final Fantasy V who defeated Exdeath 30 years prior to the main storyline.


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When Exdeath awoke from the Great Forest of Moore, he wreaked devastation on the land until the Dawn Warriors—Galuf Halm Baldesion, Dorgann Klauser, Kelger Vlondett, and Xezat Matias Surgate—drove him to Bartz's world. They defeated him in battle but lacked the power to kill him, and thus sealed in a cave him using the power of the four crystals of the world. Dorgann felt that leaving Exdeath in an unwitting world was wrong, and remained to watch over the seal. The other three returned to their homeworld and took up rulership of their countries. Dorgann settled in Lix and married Stella, passing away from an illness three years prior when his son, Bartz Klauser, was 17.

When Exdeath begins to break his seal, Galuf returns to the first world and became one of the new Warriors of Light alongside Dorgann's son Bartz, although Galuf does not realize this until late into their journey. The other two warriors are Lenna and Faris, children of King Alexander Highwind Tycoon.

During their adventure, the Light Warriors get help several times from the Warriors of Dawn, though all of them eventually perish during the struggle against the revived Exdeath: Xezat is killed in the Barrier Tower, Galuf falls in battle against Exdeath (his granddaughter Krile inherits his position), and Kelger uses the last of his strength to help dispel an illusion on Castle Exdeath.

The Dawn Warriors' spirits appear in the Interdimensional Rift to rescue the Light Warriors from Exdeath's control of the Void, and along with the spirit of King Tycoon, restrain its power to allow the Light Warriors to defeat Exdeath, and restore peace.


Musical themes[]

"The Dawn Warriors" from Final Fantasy V

"The Dawn Warriors" plays when the party reaches Xezat's Fleet, during Bal's attack on Castle Exdeath, and inside the Phoenix Tower.

The original theme is included in the music player in Final Fantasy XV. It is on the Memories of FFV album bought for 100 gil from Aldare's shop in Galdin Quay.

It is also a Battle Music Sequence in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival available for 5 sound medals.


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