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Mark well our faces, Warrior of Light, for we are the Warriors of Darkness. Walkers of a different path. And we shall meet again.
—Hyuran Warrior of Darkness

The Warriors of Darkness are a group of five antagonists from Final Fantasy XIV. They are the dark-side counterparts of the Warrior of Light who share the physical appearances of the adventurers in the game's cinematic cutscenes with their gear dyed black. The Hyur warrior acts as the leader and representative of the group, appearing alongside Elidibus in several scenes.

In the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion, the Warrior of Light is forced to take up the mantle as the Warrior of Darkness to restore balance between Light and Darkness to The First.


  • Arbert: A male Hume Warrior leads the group.
  • Blanhaerz: Known as the Knight of Darkness, he is a male Galdjent Paladin.
  • J'rhoomale: Known as the Ranger of Darkness, she is a female Mistel Bard who poisoned Alisaie Leveilleur during their initial confrontation.
  • Naillebert: Known as the Magus of Darkness, he is an male Elf Black Mage.
  • Lamimi: Known as the Devout of Darkness, she is a female Dwarf White Mage.


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FFXIV Warriors Of Darkness In Game

The Warriors of Darkness.

Originally from the First World, the Warriors of Darkness were adventurers who became their realm's Warriors of Light and fought the Ascians before their actions doomed their world to nearly be consumed in a Flood of Light and become a void. Renouncing their physical forms, feeling that Hydaelyn forsook them, the Warriors of Darkness allied with the Ascians in the hope that they could restore their world.

In response to the Warrior of Light's actions destroying Nabriales, Igeyorhm and Lahabrea, Elidibus decides to summon the Warriors of Darkness as a counterbalance by having them terrorize the Beastmen tribes so they can summon stronger primals. The Warriors make themselves known in the Smoldering Wastes at Lost ast Gnath, defeating Ravana before attacking the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. The group's leader, Arbert, is about to attack the Warrior of Light when Thancred Waters intervenes, forcing the Warriors of Darkness to fall back.

When the Warrior of Light intervenes in the summoning of Garuda at Xelphatol, his group is accompanied by a disguised Urianger Augurelt. Arbert reveals his origins to the hero and Alphinaud Leveilleur before they take their leave. Arbert would later be told by Urianger that the "man in white" wishes him and his group to focus on killing the Warrior of Light. The Warriors of Darkness wait for the Warrior of Light's arrival while terrorizing the Amalj'aa, the group fighting the Scions before restraining them.

Urianger comes to the Scions' aid as the Warrior of Light and Alisaie Leveilleur use an aetherial blade to defeat their enemies. When the Warriors of Darkness refuse to surrender and reveal their old Crystals of Light, the Warrior of Light acts at Urianger's behest, using the water crystal to bring them to Hydaelyn's realm. Though Arbert initially attempts to strike down the Word of the Mother when the Mothercrystal offers to send her to restore the First World, he ultimately accepts Hydaelyn's offer, asking her to bring them back to their world.

In the stinger for "Soul Surrender," it is revealed that the Warriors of Darkness had retrieved the Eyes of Nidhogg from the ravine beneath the Steps of Faith for Elidibus. The Emissary gifted the Eyes to The Griffin, a firebrand rallying the Ala Mhigan Resistance.

In the final job quest of the Dark Knight class, "Our Compromise," Myste creates simulacrums of the Warriors of Darkness alongside the Heavens' Ward from the Warrior of Light's darkest memories to fight them and Fray. Digging deeper into the Warrior's memories, the last two he summons are Arbert and Ser Zephirin. In the end, they are destroyed.


The Warriors of Darkness are fought during the quest "One Life for One World" in a solo instance duty. They revive themselves using the Echo, and as such can only be defeated by charging up Alisaie's aetheric blade enough to strike them down before the Magus of Darkness can finish them off with powerful magic.

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  • The job titles for Arbert's companions are from the jobs in Final Fantasy III: the Devout of Darkness is named after the Devout, the Magus of Darkness is named after the Magus, the Ranger of Darkness is named after the Ranger, and the Knight of Darkness is named after the Knight. However, due to Knight being used as the Japanese name for the Paladin job in Final Fantasy XIV, Blanhaerz's job title in Japanese is instead Magic Swordsman (魔剣士, Makenshi?), being named after the Dark Knight job in Final Fantasy III.
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