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FFIII Warriors of Darkness 2

A Warrior of Darkness.

The Warriors of Darkness (闇の戦士, Yami no Senshi?, lit. Warrior of Darkness), Warriors of the Dark, are the dark counterparts to the Warriors of Light.


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Final Fantasy IIIEdit

FFIII NES - DarkWarrior

Just as the Warriors of Light had to defend their world from becoming engulfed by darkness, the Warriors of the Dark were forced to defend their own world from being swallowed by the light many years ago.

At the end of Final Fantasy III, the party has to find their dark counterparts so that they can aid them in their battle against the Cloud of Darkness. Each Warrior of the Dark appears after defeating each of the four bosses guarding the Dark Crystals in the World of Darkness: Cerberus, Echidna, Ahriman, and the Two Headed Dragon.

After each battle, one of the Warriors of the Dark tells the Warriors of the Light important information for the upcoming battle with the Cloud of Darkness. Before the final battle, the Warriors of the Dark sacrifice themselves so that the Warriors of the Light can save their own world.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

FFXIV Warrior of Darkness

The Warrior of Darkness appears on the moon.

The Warrior of Darkness is seen briefly at the epilogue of Heavensward after King Thordan has fallen, being sent by Elidibus to stop the Warrior of Light to restore the balance of Light and Dark. He shares his appearance with the Midlander Hyur poster boy.

The Warriors of Darkness officially appear in Patch 3.1, defeating Ravana at the Smoldering Wastes. They then turn their attentions to the Scions and the Warrior of Light, but are interrupted by a familiar Hyur, and flee after revealing who they are and warning that they will meet again.

The Warrior appears with Elidibus speaking with Urianger at the Great Gubal Library, later sensing that someone may be evesdropping.

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Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Four of the eight main characters of the game are the Warriors of Darkness: Nacht, Diana, Glaive, and Alba.

At the beginning of their adventure, the Warriors of Darkness are chosen by the Crystal of Lux, and are blessed with its power. During their journey, they find five crystal shards which bless them with the Ranger, Dark Knight, Dancer, Ninja, and Magus Jobs.


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