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The Warriors' Guild in-game.

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Warriors' Guilds (戦士斡旋所, Senshiassenjo?), also known as Soldier Offices, are special locations in every town or city in Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics. Like the Outfitters and taverns, it is a menu where the player can recruit generic characters to fight alongside them in battle.

All new units are of the Squire job and are at level 1. Their names are random, as are their Zodiac signs, Bravery, and Faith. The character's gender is chosen by the player. The player can cycle around until they find a unit they like. All units come with the same equipment: Males come equipped with a Broadsword and cost 1,500 gil; females come equipped with a Dagger and cost 100 gil less.

The Warriors' Guild can be used to change the names of monsters in the party. In The War of the Lions version, a generic character's name can be input by the player, but the character still cannot be renamed afterward.