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A Warrior of Light who suddenly appeared in the world during a time of darkness with a crystal in hand. After defeating Garland and rescuing Princess Sarah of Cornelia, he embarks on a long journey to restore light to the crystal and return peace to the world as the prophecies foretold.

The Warrior of Light is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who is available at the start of Chapter 1 of the main storyline.



The Warrior of Light wears pale blue armor with gold and khaki details, a horned helmet, and a long khaki cape.

His alternate costume is based on the "Fledgling Warrior" from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The Warrior wears a simpler crimson armor with a brown kilt at the front, shorter gauntlets that show his biceps, and a shorter collar. He wears no helmet, showing dark red hair.


The Warrior of Light is steadfast and driven. He frequently takes the lead when the party enters a new area or encounters a new danger. Although he is implacable when dealing with foes, he is also quick to accept new allies, such as when Terra attacks in the Snowy Peaks of Crudelis. The Warrior first cautions against approaching her until informed that she was not acting of her own will, and then immediately suggests that they treat her wounds.


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Summoned into the conflict by Materia, this honorable and skilled knight is one of the first four heroes to be recruited by Mog. The Warrior's journey begins after a battle with Garland. When Garland strikes him down, the Warrior falls unconscious and awakens in the meadows of the world created by Materia and Spiritus as a place of recuperation for their exhausted fighters. However, that world is now being undermined by Torsions. The Warrior soon meets Rem and Vivi, and Mog. Upon being informed of the threat of the Torsions, the Warrior immediately embarks on the quest to seal them.

When Shantotto reveals that the "light" Mog has gathered them for is really the power to create Torsions, the Warrior is distraught for the first time. The idea that light could be a harmful force to the world disturbs him, and he questions his own purpose. Although Terra tries to reassure him that they're doing everything to help the world, it doesn't entirely dispel his doubts. This continues into Imber Manor, when the Onion Knight explains that the Cloud of Darkness appears when either darkness or light is too prevalent in the world.

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Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Ice Brand (I)+ Ice Brand (I)+
7★ (EX+) 100 *Improves EX Ability
DFFOO Ice Brand (I) Ice Brand (I)
5★ (EX) 70 Equips the EX Ability Shining Wave.
DFFOO Flame Sword (I) Flame Sword (I)
フレイムソード 【I】
5★ 35 Protection:
  • Increases the potency of Throw Buckler.
  • Grants Small Initial BRV Up and Debuff Evasion Rate Up for 3 turns.
Its design comes from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The blade has a unique orange glow as part of the traditional "Fire" equipment.
DFFOO Enhancer (I) Enhancer (I)
5★ 15 Divine Protection:
  • Raises target's BRV by 50% of their INT BRV upon using Shining Shield.
It has a golden and silver blade, red hilt and wing-like decorated cross-guard.
DFFOO Braveheart (I) Bravehart (I)
4★ 10 DEF +42
The Warrior's signature weapon in the Dissidia games.
Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Diamond Shield (I) Diamond Shield (I) 5★ 90 MAX BRV+220 and ATK+72
DFFOO Crystal Shield (I) Crystal Shield (I) 5★ 35 Guardian:
  • Raises INT BRV by 110
  • Raises DEF by 84
Its design is based on its sprite from the GBA version of Final Fantasy with the front cover made entirely of crystal.
DFFOO Knight's Armor (I) Knight's Armor (I) 4★ 20 MAX BRV +220
It has gardbraces that can cover the entirety of its wielders shoulders and has been decorated also with a regal look, with red and golden details.


Command abilities
Move Type Image
Bravery Attack BRV, Melee DFFOO Bravery Attack Warrior of Light
Melee attack
Steals enemy's BRV.
HP Attack HP, Melee DFFOO HP Attack Warrior of Light
Expends BRV to deal HP damage
Shining Shield Support, Buff, Shield DFFOO Shining Shield
Target: 5 turns Shield (reduces damage equal to 2x caster's INT BRV)
Throw Buckler BRV, Ranged, Provoke, Buff, Shield DFFOO Slow Buckler
Ranged BRV attack
Draws target's attention for 5 turns with Lock
High turn rate
Shining Wave EX Ability DFFOO Shining Wave
2-HIT BRV+HP attack.

BRV potency is based on the Shield durability values of all party members. Greatly recovers all party members' HP based on HP damage dealt for up to 10% of their Max HP. Upon recovering HP, if the healing amount exceeds the target's Max HP, the excess is converted to BRV. Grants Medium Speed Up for 5 turns.

Passive abilities




  • All of the Warrior's weapons and armor pieces, bar the Lustrous Shield (which appears only on his character model), can be used in Final Fantasy, and they are recurring equipment in the series commonly equipped by the Warrior and Knight jobs.
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