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Greetings Edit


May fate unite us once more.

Thank you.



I would rather not.

Before / after battle Edit

Taking a different approach.

I am needed elsewhere.

The desire to fight still burns.

I wish to try something.

I will look on from afar.

An invigorating bout, indeed.

You are a paragon of warriors

My sword is yours at any time.

During battle Edit

I shall destroy the core!

Call forth our summon!

You can leave 1 to me!

You can leave 2 to me!

You can leave 3 to me!

You can leave 4 to me!

You can leave 5 to me!

You can leave 6 to me!

I shall come to your aid, 1!

I shall come to your aid, 2!

I shall come to your aid, 3!

I shall come to your aid, 4!

I shall come to your aid, 5!

I shall come to your aid, 6!

I need help!

I'll b on the front line!

Falling back for now!

Beware, they're almost upon us!

Sorry for the wait.

I've failed you!

I take that back.

Time is now of the essence!

We are on the cusp o f victory

I will not go quietly

Dwell not upon it.

Direct your rage toward me!

Allow me!

Form up!


Custom Edit

I shall fulfill my and now!

The light will always be with us.

Let us not forsake the crystals.

As long as this conflict rages, I shall do my utmost to protect you.


I do not intend to run from anything.

We are comrades in arms.

There is nothing about which to hesitate. I need merely to march forward.

The light shall be passed.

I could not pass by knowing that my comrades were in danger.

This is a tumultuous path, but not one that is insurmountable.

With our strengths joined as one, we can achieve what we must.

There is a difference between cautious and cowardly.

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