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Ardbert, a notable Warrior from Final Fantasy XIV.

To attack is the best defense.

Dissidia Final Fantasy, Warrior Lore

The Warrior (戦士, Senshi? or ウォリアー, Woriā?), also known as the Fighter and abbreviated as WAR (, Sen?), is a recurring job in the series. It serves the role of the RPG genre's traditional strength and physical combat character class, being one of the core basic jobs within the job system.

The Warrior is one of the first melee-oriented jobs available, with the Knight, Paladin, and Dark Knight being some of its upgraded forms in several titles.


A warrior fears no danger, and excels in bringing combat to the enemy. Sturdy yet lithe, the warrior can wear a wide range of armor, serving as both sword and shield on the front lines of battle.

Luneth from Final Fantasy III wearing the recurring Warrior red garbs.

Warriors equip swords, daggers, axes, shields, and armor, and have high physical stats. The recurring motif of the job is being garbed in red battle armor in combat.

The Warrior is usually one of the basic jobs in each game, focusing on strong melee damage and survivability. Earlier titles had the Warrior focus on simply using the swords or axes to deal normal physical attacks to enemies. With later installments having the Knight taking over the Warrior's combative tank role, the job went mostly absent in entries after Final Fantasy III.

A Warrior from Final Fantasy XIV utilizing their axe for melee combat.

Modern titles starting from Final Fantasy XI would include elements of the recurring Berserker and Viking job into the Warrior's fighting style, focusing on wielding large axes in combat and having access to the Provoke and Berserk abilities. Its ability pool would begin to include melee skills that would lower the defenses of enemies and unleashing group-wide attacks. The job would also focus on increasing the user's base physical attacks in some fashion, either by base damage potency, critical hit chance, and hit count, but at the cost of some temporary stat decreases. These elements would also be used in the 3D remake of Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy XIV, and Final Fantasy Dimensions.


Final Fantasy[]

The Warrior from the original Final Fantasy (NES).

As an invaluable asset to most parties, the Warrior is often a first choice when it comes to picking a team. The Warrior's upgrade, the Knight, is an even greater source of physical power, and can use White Magic. This is probably one of the most important character classes one can choose, as a Warrior can take a great amount of punishment, deals high damage, and can heal in an emergency after job-changing.

Final Fantasy III[]

The Warrior from Final Fantasy III (Pixel Remaster).

The Warrior is a job gained from the Wind Crystal. Warriors have a high aptitude for wielding swords in battle. Having focused all their training on physical combat, they are unable to use any magic.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Warrior job icon from Final Fantasy X-2.

As Paine's default dressphere, the Warrior class is available by default. The Warrior sports abilities for both elemental attacks and for assaults on an opponent's stats.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Artwork of an Elvan Warrior from Final Fantasy XI.

The Warrior (WAR) is one of the base classes available from the start of the game, sporting well-balanced overall stats. In combat, Warriors utilize abilities that gain enemy enmity, while also having access to abilities that increase their physical attack power and multiplying the amount of melee attacks they perform on enemies.

Final Fantasy Grandmasters[]

The Warrior appeared as a job for players to use, mimicking the design and gameplay from its original appearance from Final Fantasy XI. It was one of the base jobs for players to use, serving as a strong tanking unit with melee capabilities.

Final Fantasy XIV[]


The Warrior (WAR) is the Soul Crystal upgrade to the Marauder class. It is a tank job using two-handed axes, and is set apart from Dark Knight and Paladin by its ability to put out very high burst-damage for a tank job, rivaling several DPS classes' own burst-damage outputs.

Notable characters that use the Warrior job are Ardbert and Curious Gorge. During his time on the Source, Ardbert utilizes a dark palette swapped version of the job known as the Warrior of Darkness.

A miniature Warrior in the style of the original Final Fantasy is one of three possible outcomes of summoning the "Minion of Light" (the others being a Black Mage and a White Mage), with its footprints given on the Minion Guide as each job's corresponding sprite.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

The bangaa Warrior from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

The Warrior (WAR) is a bangaa job that has access to debilitating abilities, focused around melee skills and the ability to use broadswords.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Warrior is a job exclusive to bangaa. Warriors possesses offensive abilities and can wield two-handed broadswords.

Final Fantasy Tactics S[]

The Warrior was a job for bangaa units. Notable Warriors that appeared as recruitable units included Cheating Rob, Demonic Meikes, Shield Commander Christoph, Cursed Swordsman Gunter, and Quick Attack Gouge. Their attacks included several "Break" skills and buffing abilities to aid the party.

Paine from Final Fantasy X-2 also appears as the Warrior job from her original title. Her only ability was Delay Counter.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King[]

Clavat Warriors from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King.

The Warrior is a job exclusive to Clavats and male Lilties. It is a hard hitting class that uses strong offensive skills and a few defensive abilities.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Sol from Final Fantasy Dimensions as a Warrior.

The Warrior is a starting job class available to both groups. Its keeps its pure offensive focus by utilizing several melee damage dealing skills, while also having access to abilities that gain enemy aggro.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

The Warrior Alba signet from the free-to-play version of Final Fantasy Dimensions II.

The Warrior job from Final Fantasy Dimensions makes a cameo appearance during the Alba side quests, with the character transforming into the job during one of the boss encounters against her. In her Warrior form, she is able to use several of the job's abilities from the original game.

In the original free-to-play versions, there was an additional Warrior Alba signet that could be obtained during Alba's collaboration event.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒[]

Male and female Warriors appear as unlockable Memoria for players. The job's special move are the Overpower and Warcry abilities. The Warrior is one of the requirements to unlocking the Knight, Dark Knight, Samurai, Parivir, and Gladiator jobs.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

Warrior is a basic job available by default. Warriors gain a bonus to Attack and Defense for equipped greatswords and Strength-based abilities, and, like all basic jobs, have the lowest EXP required to gain levels.

Final Fantasy Artniks[]

Two Warrior cards depicting Refia and Arc from Final Fantasy III appeared as R ranked cards for players to use for combat.

Final Fantasy Artniks Dive[]

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Final Fantasy All the Bravest[]

This novice swordsman, for whom all roads lead to war, is a fighter, not a lover.


The Warrior is a character available to the party, he uses the Attack ability during battle. He is available by default.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Warrior's sprite.

The generic Warrior class appears as a Core character. It was initially available as a pre-registration bonus, but can be acquired via the Hall of Rites.

Luneth from Final Fantasy III and Paine from Final Fantasy X-2 also appear as Warriors from their original games, functioning as physical damage dealing units.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

Wol as a Warrior from Mobius Final Fantasy.

The Warrior was a job card available for Wol to summon at the game's launch. It was the base version of the Warrior jobs, serving the Defender role. The Warrior sported high HP and attack power, but had weak oriented magic stats. Its Ultimate was Arc Slash, a conal area attack that would deal damage to enemies in a wide arc.

The upgraded forms of the Warrior were the Gladiator and Swordmaster, which could be unlocked through the fourth and eighth job panel boards respectively.

When equipped with the Warrior jobs, Wol's battle theme would change to the "Warrior of Light" track.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

The Warrior [5-016C] Chapter series card.

The Warrior job appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as multiple Forward cards. Most of the cards are Fire-elemental, but it also appears as Earth-, Lightning-, and Wind-elemental cards. Other related jobs also appear as cards: the Marauder from Final Fantasy XIV and the Sky Warrior from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

Triple Triad[]

The Warrior from Final Fantasy card (NES).

Warrior appears on Triple Triad cards in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Allusions in series entries[]

Several titles have featured references to the Warrior job.

Dissidia Final Fantasy series[]

The Warrior of Light from Dissidia Final Fantasy.

The Warrior of Light is a recurring character in the Dissidia Final Fantasy subseries of games. He represents the original Final Fantasy, being based on the Warrior job. His EX-Mode in the first two entries reference the class change system, allowing him to temporarily become the Knight job.

However, his skillset revolves around the use of light in offensive techniques due to the lack of a skillset for the job from the original game.

The Warrior of Light also has a recurring outfit in the series based on the original Final Fantasy incarnation of the warrior.

Related jobs[]

Sky Warrior[]

Sky Warrior from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

The Sky Warrior (エアウォリアー, Ea Woriā?, lit. Air Warrior) is a unique aegyl job unit from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, it focuses solely on using their axes to perform physical attacks.

Amazon Warrior[]

A garb imbued with the soul of the warrior. It increases the wearer's physical damage and maximum HP.

Lightning as an Amazon Warrior.

The Amazon Warrior (アマゾネス, Amazonesu?, lit. Amazoness) garb for Lightning from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a female variant of the traditional Warrior job. The garb specializes in melee combat - having access to the multi-hitting Speed Slash command and utilizes stronger Guard techniques. Its auto-ability is the Soul of the Warrior (戦士の魂, Senshi no Tamashi?) passive, raising Lightning's HP by 5% and her strength by 10%.


A Marauder from Final Fantasy XIV.

The Marauder (斧術士, Fujutsushi?, lit. Axeman) is the base form of the Warrior from Final Fantasy XIV, being one of the initial tank classes available from the game's start. Marauders use their axes to perform melee attacks that have the additional effect of gaining enmity from enemies. It can be upgraded to the Warrior job at level 30.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Defunct Square Enix titles[]

The Final Fantasy Record Keeper Warrior avatar skin in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross].

The Warrior from Final Fantasy Record Keeper appeared as a male avatar skin in the original version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], as part of a collaboration with the former. The Warrior's legs are elongated to adjust for the avatar sizes in Union χ.

Non Square Enix games[]

Gran and Djeeta from Granblue Fantasy as the Warrior Job.

The popular Japanese browser game, Granblue Fantasy, features a Warrior job for players to use as their main character's job in combat. Like the Final Fantasy version of the job, it focuses on utilizing swords and axes as its main weapons, with its combat abilities including the likes of Rage and Armor Break. Granblue Fantasy borrows a majority of its job influences from Final Fantasy, featuring several alumni from the series among its development staff.