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Bangaa fighter that uses 1 and 2-handed weapons.


Warriors is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance exclusive to bangaa. It is the basic melee unit with great HP and Attack growth, but low Magic and Speed. Warriors can use their Battle Techs to heal themselves, or alter the stats of their opponents.

Warriors are only useful in the beginning as they quickly become outclassed by the more advanced jobs. The Soldier class is the hume version of the Warrior class, but with a slightly altered moveset.


Warriors, like hume Soldiers, have excellent HP, Attack and Defense, while their MP, Magic Power, and Resistance are low. Their Speed is average for a bangaa.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
9.2 S 2.1 D 9.2 B+ 8.4 B 6.2 D- 6.8 D+ 0.9 D-


Battle Tech[]

Soldier & warrior command. Soften up enemy defenses.

Name Equipment AP MP Range
First Aid Shortsword 100 Self
Disinfects wounds to heal HP and remedy status.
Powerbreak Samson Sword 200 Weapon range
Weakens a target's weapon attacks.
Mindbreak Buster Sword 200 Weapon range
Reduces target's magic power.
Magicbreak Falchion 200 Weapon range
Deals damage to MP.
Speedbreak Silver Sword 200 Weapon range
Reduces target's speed.
Greased Bolt Gale Sword 300 Weapon range
Attacks so fast that target cannot react.
Nullifies R-abilities.
Body Slam Striborg 300 1
Powerful slam. Damages attacking unit as well.
Downsize Restorer 300 24 1
Reduces target HP by 1/2.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Monkey Grip Claymore Enables holding a two-handed weapon in one hand. 300
Shieldbearer Bronze Shield
Opal Shield
Enables holding a shield-wielding, regardless of job. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Combat Combo Mythril Sword Failproof combo ability for warriors. 100


Warrior is arguably the worst class in the game, tied with Soldier. Like their hume counterparts, Warriors have excellent HP and high attack, but their MP, magic power, and resistance are all very low. Their ability set is slightly different than the Soldier's, having a few more damaging abilities rather than support. Warriors have no ranged abilities and lack significant reaction or support abilities. Their four break abilities are only useful in theory, but in reality wasted on such a poor class. Warriors are worse than White Monks, the other basic bangaa job, in nearly every way. Overall, Warrior is a poor class unable to provide support and attack from a range, being only useful in the very beginning of the game.

Enemy Warriors are easy to dispatch, being only marginally more difficult than Soldiers due to having higher HP and attack. Warriors can do decent damage should they get into melee range, but should not happen as they are slow. Warriors are easily defeated by ranged units, mages, and fast units.


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