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Warrior is one of the basic job classes in Final Fantasy XI, and is geared towards being a balanced attacker and defender. They can serve both as tanks or as primary attackers. This is a list of available job abilities and traits for the class.

Job traits[]

Defense Bonus[]

Defense Bonus increases a Warrior's defense by 10 points. It is gained at level 10, and is also available to a number of other classes.

Resist Virus[]

Warriors have Resist Virus as their particular job trait from the Resist Status family. There are multiple levels available, each of which decreases the likelihood of being inflicted with Virus.

  • Resist Virus I - available at level 15
  • Resist Virus II - available at level 35
  • Resist Virus III - available at level 55
  • Resists Virus IV - available at level 70

Double Attack[]

Double Attack is a job trait learned at level 25. It is always active and has rate of activation is 10%. Each Merit Point upgrade of Double Attack Rate increases the rate of activation by 1%. These upgrades do not affect Warrior as subjob. Rate of Double Attack activation has no difference between Warrior as main job or as sub job unless merited.

Attack Bonus[]

Attack Bonus I is available at level 30. It raises physical Attack power by 10. Attack Bonus only stacks with successive versions of the ability. It improves power of physical attacks and ranged attacks. It is always active. Repeats of this trait do not stack.


Savagery is a Merit ability, and adds a TP boost to Warcry.

Aggressive Aim[]

Aggressive Aim is a Merit ability. It adds a ranged accuracy boost to Aggressor.

Critical Attack Bonus[]

Critical Attack Bonus raises the amount of damage a Warrior deals with critical hits by approximately 5%. It is available at level 78, and may also be learned by Dancers and Thieves.

Shield Defense Bonus[]

Reduces damage taken when the warrior blocks with a shield. It is learned by the Warrior at level 80, and may also be learned by Paladins at level 77.

Job abilities[]

Mighty Strikes[]

Mighty Strikes is the special job ability learned at level 1. All subsequent attacks, ranged attacks, physical job abilities, or weapon skills the user successfully lands on a foe will deal critical damage for 30 seconds. It can be recast every 1 hour.


Provoke is available at level 5. When used, it will create an instant high amount of enmity towards the user. It is viewed as an almost essential ability to have in order to serve as a tank. Its recast time is 30 seconds and its duration is instant.


Berserk lasts for three minutes and may be used once every 5 minutes. This ability significantly increases the attack ability of a warrior, but it comes at a reduction in a player's defensive value. The amount of change is a 25% attack boost and 25% defense penalty. This ability is the polar opposite of Defender, another Warrior ability.

This is one of the most significant abilities for increasing a player's damage over time and one of the chief reasons that players choose to use warrior as a Support Job.


Defender will lower the player's attack stat by 25%, while providing a 25% defense bonus. The ability has a 3 minute timer and will last for 3 minutes.


Warcry is an ability available at level 35. It enhances attacks of party members within area of effect. The attack boost increases with the user's level with main job or subjob Warrior. Enmity added to the user varies depending on how many party members the effect lands on.


When used, Aggressor will increase accuracy by about 25, but it will drop evasion significantly. It is generally accepted that this is about 25 to 35 points. The ability lasts 3 minutes and Aggressor can be used once every 5 minutes. Aggressor becomes available to Warriors at level 45. As such, it is not available to anyone using warrior as a subjob until their level is at least 90.


When under Retaliation, the Warrior loses movement speed but gains a small chance to Counter. The ability is affected by the player's Accuracy stat, and the Warrior will still take damage. It is gained at level 60.

Warrior's Charge[]

Warrior's Charge is one of two Merit abilities available to Warriors. As such, it is only available to players at level 75. When used, the player will automatically attack twice as if affected by Double Attack and does add some damage to weapon skills. It may be recast every 15 minutes, with further merit upgrades decreasing the recast time.


Tomahawk is available at level 75 and higher who purchase it with 3 Merit Points in the merit menu. It expends a throwing tomahawk to inflict a special defense down effect on an enemy. Special Defense Down lowers the target's physical and magical damage resistance, should it have any (Such as Physical Damage -50%). It consumes one Throwing Tomahawk per use. It can be recast every 3 minutes and has a duration: 30 seconds (+15 seconds for every additional merit).


Restraint is a job ability that increases the warrior's weapon skill power with each attack, but prevents the warrior from scoring critical hits. It is worth noting that with Mighty Strikes in effect, a warrior may still land critical hits while under the effect of Restraint.