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Specializing in the arts of battle, warriors act as shields, protecting their comrades from the enemy attacks.

Official description

Warriors appear in Final Fantasy XI as one of the base classes available to a player from character creation. Warrior possesses both offensive and defensive abilities. They have no MP but have a good amount of HP. Galka make a good choice for warrior because of high strength and high HP totals.

Becoming a Warrior[]

Since Warrior is a basic job, players can choose to become a warrior at any time, including when starting the game. A player who chooses to become a warrior when creating his character will be given an onion sword in addition to the adventurer certificate and ring associated with each city for qualifying races.


For a more in-depth description, see the Warrior abilities page.

Job abilities[]

Job Ability Level Recast Duration Description
Mighty Strikes 1 1:00:00 0:00:45 Turns all melee attacks into critical hits.
Provoke 5 0:00:30 Goads an enemy into attacking you.
Berserk 15 0:05:00 0:03:00 Enhances attack but weakens defense
Defender 25 0:03:00 0:03:00 Enhances defense but weakens attacks.
Warcry 35 0:05:00 0:00:30 Increases attack power for your party.
Aggressor 45 0:05:00 0:03:00 Enhances accuracy but impairs evasion
Retaliation 60 0:03:00 0:03:00 Allows you to counterattack but reduces movement speed.
Warrior's Charge 75(Only unlocked with Merit Points) 0:05:00 0:01:00 Will double your next attack.
Tomahawk 75(Only unlocked with Merit Points) 0:03:00 Varies Expends a Throwing Tomahawk to inflict a special defense down effect on an enemy.
Restraint 77 0:10:00 0:05:00 Enhances your weapon skill power with each normal attack you land.
Blood Rage 87 0:05:00 0:00:30 Enhances critical hit rate for party members within area of effect.
Brazen Rush 96 1:00:00 0:00:30 Increases your chance to execute a double attack.

Job traits[]

Job Trait Tier Levels Description
Defense Bonus II 10 / 86 Improves defense against physical attacks.
Resist Virus V 15 / 35 / 55 / 70 / 81 Gives you a slight resistance against viruses.
Double Attack III 25 / ?? / 76 May double your attacks.
Attack Bonus II 30 / 91 Improves power of physical attacks.
Max HP Boost IV 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 Increases your maximum HP.
Fencer V 45 / 58 / 71 / 84 / 97 Increases critical hit Rate when wielding with the main hand only. Grants a TP Bonus to weapon skills.
Aggressive Aim Varies 75(Only unlocked with Merit Points) Adds Ranged Accuracy Bonus to Aggressor.
Savagery Varies 75(Only unlocked with Merit Points) Adds TP Bonus effect to Warcry.
Crit. Atk. Bonus II 78 / 86 Improves power of critical hits.
Shield Def. Bonus II 80 / 90 Reduces damage taken when blocking an attack with a shield.
Shield Mastery II 80 / 90 Grants bonus TP when blocking an attack with a shield. Also prevents spell interruption.

Skill ratings[]

Combat Skill Rank Caps by Level
49 99
Hand-to-Hand D 133 334
Dagger B- 144 388
Sword B 144 398
Great Sword B+ 144 404
Axe A- 150 417
Great Axe A+ 150 424
Scythe B+ 144 404
Polearm B- 144 388
Combat Skill Rank Caps by Level
49 99
Club B- 144 388
Staff B 144 398
Archery D 133 334
Marksmanship D 133 334
Throwing D 133 334
Evasion C 139 373
Shield C+ 139 378
Parrying C- 139 368


Warrior Artifact Armor.

The role of warriors can change over time. In the lower levels, Warriors are often expected to tank enemy creatures. Warriors become primarily offensive in nature or become a "First Provoke" class. At any level, a warrior can be a useful ally. They can use most weapons and have a good rating in many of them. They excel with the use of Axes and Great Axes.


  • Very high damage capacity with axes.
  • Good rating for most weapons, making it easier to learn alternate weapons.
  • Aggressor, Berserk, Double Attack, and Warcry make it a popular subjob for increasing physical attack DPS.
  • Defender and Provoke also make it an attractive subjob for tanking.


  • Very expensive gear selection (due to the vast number of warriors leveled, largely).
  • Not the most desirable tank.
  • Un-specialized. It can easily be replaced by Samurai or Dragoon for damage, or Paladin or Ninja for tanking.

Support Jobs[]


Ninja is the most common support job for warriors after level 20. The ability to Dual Wield is highly valued. Some Warriors wield two axes, allowing them to do great damage and gain TP quickly. Utsusemi is helpful to avoid physical attacks when the Warrior gains the greatest enmity after a weapon skill or in case they need to Provoke to save other party members.


Samurai is a valuable support job for Warriors who want to use great axe, great sword, or polearm at high levels. Samurai both helps the Warrior gain TP quickly through its Store TP trait and Meditate, but it also provides the ability Hasso which gives haste, accuracy, and a strength boost to users using a two handed weapon.


Monk probably remains the most popular support job for Warriors under level 20 and will occasionally be seen as a support job for even higher level Warriors. Monk statistics compliment Warriors well and provide a moderate boost in total HP. Also, some Monk abilities are useful for Warriors, like boost. Martial Arts reduces the delay of hand-to-hand attacks for Warriors wanting to skill up that weapon or who want to actually use this type of weapon, though such use is rare.


Thief is a great support job upon reaching level 30 and obtaining Sneak Attack. Sneak Attack gives a free critical hit with 100% accuracy, which makes it a good choice for combining with a high powered weapon skill. Thief statistics will assist in accuracy, which is very important for Great Axe-wielding Warriors who may get frustrated from missing on such a high-delay weapon. Thief-specific job traits such as Gilfinder and Treasure Hunter are among other important boosts that help any job.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Warrior appears with fire-elemental cards.

Triple Triad (Portal App)[]

222a Warrior.png

A galka warrior appears on a Triple Triad card.



  • Originally, the Warrior SP2 ability was intended to be Imminent Strikes (イミネントストライク, iminento sutoraiku?, lit. Imminent Strike), which would have greatly increased melee accuracy as well as converting the damage from the player's melee auto-attacks to nonphysical.