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Erases one enemy from the battlefield.

Final Fantasy V description
BLM using Warp from FFIII Pixel Remaster

Warp being used in combat in Final Fantasy III (Pixel Remaster).

Warp (デジョン, Dejon?), also known as Banish, Dezone, X-Zone, Degen, or Return, is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series with two varying effects. Warp either allows the party to teleport between different floors in a dungeon or to escape from battle, while in other cases Warp is an offensive spell that casts enemies into the Void, removing them from battle.

Though Warp has also been called Banish, the recurring Banish spell in the series is a light-elemental attack spell.


Final Fantasy[]

Black Wizard - ZAP!

Banishes foes to another dimension.


Warp (ZAP! on the NES and Banish in Final Fantasy Origins) is a level 8 Black Magic spell that inflicts Instant Death to all enemies with a moderate success rate.

The spell can be bought at Gaia and can be learned by the Black Wizard. In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary Edition releases, it costs 30 MP to cast. Chronodia can cast the spell against the party.

Final Fantasy II[]

Banishes foes to another dimension or transports party to previous floor.


Warp in Final Fantasy II (NES).

Warp (Banish in Final Fantasy Origins) is a Black Magic spell that attempts to warp one or all foes to another dimension, defeating them. The success rate increases with the level of the spell, however the success rate is drastically reduced if the spell targets all foes. When used in a dungeon outside of battle, Warp teleports the party to previous floors depending on the level of the spell. For example, if the spell is at level 3, the party will be teleported back three floors at the point where they exited that floor. If there are no previous floors, the party will be teleported to the world map in front of the entrance to the dungeon.

Warp is ineffective in the Snow Cave, Bafsk Sewers, the Dreadnought, the Coliseum, and Castle Palamecia due to the storyline. Warp cannot be used in the Soul of Rebirth outside of battle. Any character can learn Warp by having them use the Warp Tome (Banish Scroll in Origins).

Warp VIII can be cast by Wizard and Devil Wolf, while Warp IX is exclusive to Devil Wolf.

Warp Tome
Effect Allows the target to learn Warp when used outside of battle. Casts Warp VIII when used in battle.
Buy Salamand, Mysidia
Drop Dark Soul, Death Knight, Death Rider, Ogre Mage, Royal Guard, Wizard
Cost 1,500 gil (Origins)
1,000 gil (Dawn of Souls, 20th Anniversary Edition)

Final Fantasy III[]

Warp is a level 6 Black Magic spell that either moves the party up one level of a dungeon or kills an enemy. It can be used by the Black Mage, Magus, Sage, and Onion Knight jobs.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Warps party back to previous floor.


Warp in Final Fantasy IV (SNES).

Warp is a Black Magic spell that moves up one level of a dungeon, or escapes from battles in the 3D versions. It is learned by Rydia (level 12) and Palom (level 29). It has a casting time of 0, costs 4 MP in the 2D versions, and 10 MP in the 3D versions.

The spell's properties come to light when attempting to break down the 64 door hierarchy glitch. There are two types of map/room changes: "Go" types and "Return" types. "Go" types save the player's location, and "Return" types go back to a saved location. On the world map the player is at Room Level 0, but every time one enters a room the "Room Level" increments. Each time one exits something, the Room Level will decrement. In the SNES and GBA versions and ones derived from them, the Warp spell takes the player to the last point they were on on the previous Room Level. In the 3D versions, Warp places the player at the entrance of the previous floor, can be used to flee battles, and is disabled in towns and the Sealed Cave.

Warp was originally meant to be an instant death spell, as seen in the SNES version when a Confused Marionetteer casts the spell with no in-battle effect. The animation is the same as several other instant death attacks, such as Ninth Dimension used by Trap Door, so it is possible that Warp was going to have an in-battle instant death effect, as is the case with other games in the series. This animation has been defined for the spell, but is intended to use a green palette rather than the blue palette seen when reflected.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Warp is a Black Magic spell known by imposter Rydia, Palom and Rydia by default. It allows the party to warp back to the previous floor of a dungeon at the cost of 4 MP.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Warp is a Black Magic spell initially learned by Fusoya and Rydia, and Palom (level 19). It costs 4 MP and moves up one level of a dungeon (when used on the field) or escapes the battle.

Final Fantasy V[]


Banish in Final Fantasy V (GBA).

Banish (also called X-Zone) is a level 6 Time Magic spell that instantly kills an enemy if successful. It costs 20 MP and is bought in the Phantom Village. The spell has a 50% Hit Rate and bypasses the target's immunity to Death. It works on undead but fails against Heavy enemies.

After Exdeath punishes Gilgamesh with Banish, the latter can be found later in the Rift. However, the spell still works (with the same success message) when the party travels there. Banish can be used against the player by Black Warlock, Carbuncle, Chrono Controller, Exdeath's Soul, and Gilgamesh.

The player may also use this ability by catching and releasing a Page 32, Black Warlock, Zephyrus, Chrono Controller, Gel Fish, or Moss Fungus. When the Gel Fish or Moss Fungus are released, the spell is bugged and will hit nothing.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Banish from FFVI Pixel Remaster

Banish in Final Fantasy VI (Pixel Remaster).

Banish is an attack spell (also called X-Zone) learned from the esper Fenrir and the Cursed Ring relic at a rate of x5. It costs 53 MP to cast, has a 85% hit rate, and affects all enemies. The spell tears a hole into a starry space that quickly closes, taking with it any enemies that were affected by the spell.

Banish can be cast by Level 20 Magic and Necromancer. When cast by these enemies, the spell has a high chance of ending the game instantly.

Kefka, when fighting an esper that challenges him in Thamasa, uses a similar spell to Banish to crystallize it into magicite before promptly collecting it.

Final Fantasy VII[]

The Exit Materia includes the spell Remove that eliminates all enemies in the battle (though it does not work on all enemies). The player will not receive any EXP, AP, gil, or item drops for enemies removed from the battle in this way. The spell is the final spell on the Exit Materia, and costs 99 MP to cast. The spell either always hits or always misses, depending on if the enemy is immune against it. Using the spell in Chocobo battles is useful as it defeats the legitimate enemies and leaves the Chocobo, allowing the player to capture it in one turn (the player can use it with Sneak Attack).

Death Dealer uses the spell against a party member through the use of Hidden One, and will merely inflict instant death on the target.

Final Fantasy XI[]

MP 100
Effect Returns caster to his/her home point.
Duration Instant
Casting Time 4 Seconds
Recast Time 10 Seconds
Magic Type Enhancing Magic
Element Dark
Jobs BLM 17

Warp is available to Black Mages, but any job at level 34 and higher can select Black Mage as a Support Job and cast Warp as long as the player has enough MP. Warp is used to return the player to his/her Home Point, which would generally be found in a safe place, such as a city. Warp is used by players both for transportation and as an emergency spell to save the caster's life when out of viable options. Warp is also available through the use of a Warp Ring.

Final Fantasy XII[]


Warp in Final Fantasy XII.

Warp banishes all foes in range and characters will not receive EXP, LP, CP, or loot if successful. Warp will end any combat chain if the spell lands on an enemy that is not of the same chain. This does not always work due to some foes having the Safety passive ability. It is always successful as long as the enemy lacks Safety if the player equips the Indigo Pendant, and works on the undead unlike with Death.

In the original version, Warp is on the Time Magick 3 license and costs 30 LP. Warp has the maximum Effect Capacity, which means no other spell or technick can be performed simultaneously. The spell can be bought in Rabanastre after the events in Leviathan, Dyce outside the Tomb of Raithwall, and Eruyt Village for 1700 gil.

In the Zodiac versions, Warp is a Time Magick 8 license that costs 90 LP. It is available for two job classes: Time Battlemage and Machinist, although Machinist must obtain the Famfrit license first. The spell can be obtained from a treasure in a hidden area in the Nabreus Deadlands Lifeless Strand. The Zodiac Age versions have a much larger Effect Capacity and actions can be used concurrently.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Return hotkey in Final Fantasy XIV.

Return teleports the player back to their home Aetheryte. Return can be used as a more limited alternative to Teleport that does not require gil.

If used in instanced duties, the player will return to the starting point of the duty.

The player learns Return upon attuning to their first Aetheryte during the quest Close to Home Close to Home

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Warp (Dejeon on the PS1) is used by Loffrey Wodring to open the portal to the Necrohol of Mullonde. It requires an incantation.

Vagrant Story[]

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Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Several areas have a Rift that can warp the Warriors to another area. These Rifts disappear during chapter 4 as the Warriors now have access to the airship.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

Warp is an ability chosen in the Onion Knight's Sage EX Burst, although it does nothing when selected. It is simply an allusion to the spell from Final Fantasy III.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Banish is a skill that instantly defeats all enemies of a lower level than the player's character when used in a chain. The spell also still appears during Onion Knight's EX Burst, but still does nothing.

When Gilgamesh enters the battlefield, he steps out a black portal identical to the animation used for the Banish spell in Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

Warp is an SSR ability card made obtainable from the Chocobo Farm. It damages enemies by enveloping them within a giant mass of dark space that compresses itself to confine them.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Chocobo's Dungeon 2[]

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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Kingdom Hearts series[]

Warp is a sleight in Chain of Memories and Re:Chain of Memories, and is a magic command exclusive to Terra in Birth by Sleep. Warp instantly erases all enemies in the area of effect from existence. In Chain of Memories and its remake, the defeated enemies give Exp but leave no items, while in Birth by Sleep this is reversed.



Warp is an element in video game design that allows a player character instant travel between two locations or levels.

The original name, デジョン (Dejon?), is possibly a contraction of the German pronunciation of the word "dimension" (ディメンジョン, dimenjon?) abbreviated to fit into the four-character-standard for spells. It could also be a combination of the Japanese verb deru (()()?), which means to "to leave", and the word "dungeon" (ダンジョン, danjon?), although in its initial appearance the spell could not be used by the player to exit dungeons.