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The Warmech, also known as the Death Machine, is an infamous foe from the original Final Fantasy. Located in the Flying Fortress on the bridge leading to Tiamat, it has a 3 in 64 chance of appearing each time the Warriors of Light enter a battle there, making it an extremely rare enemy.

Warmech is the most powerful random encounter in the game (not counting enemies added in Dawn of Souls and Anniversary), and is more powerful than most of the bosses in the game, only truly being rivaled by the final boss. Because of this, it could be considered the first superboss of the series.



Nuke in the Origins version.

All of Warmech's attacks are extremely powerful, capable of doing hundreds of damage, and it also has the powerful ability Atomize that can devastate the party. In most versions, it also regenerates 5% of its HP (100 HP) every round; in the NES version, Warmech's regeneration was meant to be 2 HP every round, but regeneration is bugged on the NES and, as a result, does not work as intended.

Warmech often gets a preemptive strike, which can make the battle even harder, especially if it kills any party members before the player even gets a turn.


Whether the player succeeds against Warmech depends on their level, how well equipped the party is, what condition the party is in before the fight begins, and how lucky the player is. Warmech battles can quickly turn into desperation as the party dies one by one.

In general, the encounter with a Warmech should be treated as a boss fight. Classes that can use White Magic should use Blink, Invisira and Protera 1-2 times to mitigate Warmech's physical attacks as much possible. Meanwhile, Black Magic users should cast Temper and Haste 2-3 times on the physical attackers of the party, while the physical attackers themselves use Giant's Gloves. Should the player be lacking these spells, various pieces of equipment can be used as items to cast these spells. Items added in later versions of the game like Strength Tonics and Hermes Sandals can also be used if available.

Once buffs are set up, the party's healer(s) will need to focus on healing, while the physical attackers keep up the assault as much as possible. Black Wizards should continue to stack buffs as high as possible, or use items to assist with healing.

As Warmech has extremely high magic defense, attack spells such as Holy and Flare won't do much, but can still be tried if the player is low on options.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

PFF Warmech.png
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The Final Fantasy Legend and Final Fantasy Legend II[]

The Warmech appears in The Final Fantasy Legend and Final Fantasy Legend II (otherwise known as SaGa and SaGa II in Japan) with the same design, though its name was localized to English as "Machine" in the first game and "WarMach" in the second.

Other media[]

A Ghost Card in Dissidia Final Fantasy bears the name "DeathMachine". It is a Level 52 Garland, and has a Warp Cube and Cyan Gem to be won via Battlegen.

A Warmech appears in the web comic 8-Bit Theater. His debut comic is titled 1/64, referencing the chances of encountering a Warmech on the bridge in Final Fantasy.

Behind the scenes[]

Nintendo Power once held a "Your Name in a Game?" contest in their September-October 1990 issue, which involved photographing the Warmech and mailing it to their head office as part of a random draw. Nintendo Power never announced a winner, but Chris Houlihan was named in a secret room in the English version of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. In all later ports any mention of him is removed, though his secret room remains.