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This warrior's magicked blade seeks out the weakness of its target.


Warmage is the name of an enemy job class held by viera in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Their appearance and abilities are based on the Fencer class in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Stats Edit

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Battle Edit

Warmages are speedy units, but have low Defense and Magick Defense stats, but can remedy this deficiency by using their Mighty Guard ability. Warmages' other abilities center around exploiting an enemy's elemental weakness.

Abilities Edit

Skill Effect
Attack Deal melee damage to one foe.
Fire Sword Deal Fire damage to all foes in range.
Blizzard Sword Deal Ice damage to all foes in range.
Thunder Sword Deal Thunder damage to all foes in range.
Stone Sword Deal Earth damage to all foes in range.
Mighty Guard Increase Defense and Magick Resist of all allies in range.
Piercing Blow Deal damage to foes in a line extending from the user.
Rejuvenate Increases group's Speed.

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