A Galbadian soldier who, along with Kiros, was part of a team led ba Laguna. Ward loses the ability to speak after being wounded in battle, but still manages to make himself understood through sheer affability and charm.

Character profile.

Ward appears as a playable character in Final Fantasy Record Keeper who could be initially recruited during the Challenge Event Borrowed Dreams as a First Time Reward for completing the event's Dream Soldiers stage on Classic difficulty.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 225 12 10 7 7 8 20 21 73
Rank (Max: 5) 5 5 3 1 1 1 3 3 1

Record Sphere[edit | edit source]

Sphere S.Lv 1 S.Lv 2 S.Lv 3 S.Lv 4 S.Lv 5
Warrior +1 ATK +1 DEF +100 HP +1 ATK +2 DEF
Knight +1 ATK +70 HP +1 ATK +1 DEF +2 ATK
Ranger +1 ATK +1 DEF +1 ATK +60 HP +2 ATK
Viking (Requires Warrior's mastery.) +3 DEF +3 ATK +200 HP +6 ATK +3% Spear Damage
Gladiator (Requires Warrior and Knight's mastery.) +3 ATK +4 ATK +200 HP +5 ATK Use 4★ Knight Abilities
Dragoon (Requires Knight and Ranger's mastery.) +3% Dragoon Ability Damage +4 ATK +220 HP +5 ATK +6% Dragoon Ability Damage
Sky High Use 6★ Dragoon Abilities Sky High +3% Dragoon Ability Damage

Legend Sphere[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ward can use Combat abilities up to rarity rank 5, Dragoon abilities up to rarity rank 5, Knight abilities up to rarity rank 3, and Heavy Physical abilities up to rarity rank 5.

Soul Breaks[edit | edit source]

Name Designation Relic Effects
Gauge Type Duration Power (Including potency of stat increase(s) and chance of effect(s) occurring)
Anchors Aweigh

Anchors Aweigh

Default N/A 2 Phy N/A 1.70
Deal physical damage to one target. Long delay before hitting.

Materia[edit | edit source]

Record Materia[edit | edit source]

Record Materia Description Acquirement

Legend Materia[edit | edit source]

Record Materia Description Acquirement

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Ward can equip the following weapon types: daggers, spears, and Thrown.

He can equip the following armor types: shields, hats, helms, light armor, heavy armor, and bracers.

He can equip accessories.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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