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Never must we be woken.

Last words of the Warring Triad.

The War of the Triad was a mythological conflict in Final Fantasy VI. Although little is known about it, it lays the groundwork for the War of the Magi and eventually the cataclysm.


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Long ago the Warring Triad descended from the heavens and, fearing one another's power, began to war. To gain the upper hand they enslaved mortals to fight for them, turning them into espers and introducing magic to the world. Little is known about the course of the war, apart from none of the gods being able to gain the upper hand.

Eventually the gods realized their fighting was causing chaos, and agreed to seal away their power to save the world from destruction. With the last of their fading magic, the gods returned the espers' free will before petrifying themselves. The alignment of the petrified gods determines the shape of the world, so the espers tasked keeping them safe from anyone seeking to awaken them.


Magic lived on with the espers after the end of the war. Seeking to exploit this for themselves, humans start the War of the Magi to enslave the espers. Following the destructive war, the espers create the Esper World and go into exile, taking the Warring Triad with them. For a thousand years, the Triad would remain safely outside the reach of humans.

This changes when the Gestahlian Empire invades the Esper World seizing several espers and forcibly extracting their powers to create Magitek. Eighteen years later the Empire discovers magicite and reinvades the Esper World, seizing the Warring Triad and raising the Floating Continent. Kefka Palazzo moves the Triad out of alignment, causing the end of the world, and taking the power of the Triad for himself.

For a year the so-called World of Ruin is ruled by Kefka, who uses the power of the Triad to destroy any opposition. What remains of the Returners, a former anti-Imperial resistance movement, confronts Kefka and the revived Triad. One by one they beat the gods before turning on Kefka, killing him and bringing an end to his reign of terror. With the Triad gone, magic vanishes from the world, guaranteeing a future safe from its devastating powers.

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