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The Wanderer's Palace is an optional dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. It is located in La Noscea and can be unlocked after completing the "Trauma Queen" quest at level 50. The dungeon, along with Amdapor Keep, was originally one of the only level 50 dungeons available at the initial release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn; as such, it is one of the easiest dungeons at level 50. The majority of the dungeon is occupied by many Tonberry-type enemies, including powerful Tonberry Stalkers roaming its halls attacking any player near them.

The Wanderer's Palace (Hard), a redesigned and more challenging version of the dungeon, was implemented into the game at the release of the first part of Patch 2.5. The hard mode variant of the dungeon will now serve as a stronghold for the Mamool Ja beastmen tribe.

In addition, the entrance of the Wanderer's Palace serves as an instance during the "The Beast Within" level 50 Scholar job quest.


The Wanderer's Palace.

Decades of kobold mining deep beneath O'Ghomoro gradually weakened upper La Noscea to the point that when the Calamity struck, the land surrounding Bronze Lake collapsed, draining its waters and revealing a palace of unparalleled beauty. Thought to have been built by the Nymian civilization, which thrived in the area some fifteen centuries ago, the palace appears to have been dedicated to their patron deity, Oschon, the Wanderer. In search of the bounty she may hold, treasure hunters have already begun to delve into this forsaken place...but will treasure be the only thing they find?

In-game Description

The ancient civilization of Nym built the Wanderer's Palace in honor of their patron deity Oschon the Wanderer. But the building became place to place who have been mutating from an unknown illness before it was flooded during the Sixth Umbral Era and remained submerged under what became known as Bronze Lake. However, due to mining in O'Ghomoro, the Calamity that began the Seventh Umbral Era drained Bronze Lake to unveil the Wanderer's Palace. Within its wall, the descendants of the ill, the tonberries, have flourished. Centuries of isolation and prejudice from other races made the tonberries into a hostile race under the influence of their leader King Tonberry until he is defeated and the tonberries begin docile. But this turn of events would be later taken advantage of by the Mamool Ja mercanaries known as the Silverscales, who butcher the tonberries for sport while taking residence in the Wanderer's Palace. But the Adventurer manages to drive the Mamool out after weakening their leader Molaa Ja Ja for the Tonberries to finish off.


  1. Clear Still Waters: 0/1
  2. Unlock the sealed gate: 0/1
  3. Climb the Endless Rise: 0/4
  4. Clear the Final Ease: 0/1
  5. Defeat the tonberry king: 0/1


The Wanderer's Palace is an ancient ruins location filled with green moss and many ancient gearings.


Throughout the dungeon, a Tonberry Stalker is often found. This is a large Tonberry that should be avoided by pulling enemies away from it; it cannot be killed.

Point of Peregrination[]

The opening of the dungeon, the Point of Peregrination introduces the stone palace to the group. At the very beginning of the dungeon, a Tonberry and two Treasure Hunters will be encountered, with the next room off to the right containing two Bronze Buzzards. A treasure coffer is contained in the same room, containing either an X-Potion, X-Ether or a Hi-Elixir. This will follow leading to the path left up the stairs, where six Bronze Beetles will spawn; two Bronze Buzzards and a Tonberry will follow in the final area. Many tanks choose to pull aggro up until this very point and have teams defeat enemies with area of effect attacks. After this, players enter the Silent Garden.

The Silent Garden[]

This area initially contains two Gear Greases and a Pug Pugil guarding the entrance. It is signified by a square room with a gap in the middle. A Tonberry is found guarding the entrance to the right leading outwards. At the back of the garden is a Treasure Coffer, which contains either Blunt Aeolian Scimitar, Coeurl Skin or Bloody Cesti Cover; however, approaching this treasure will cause enemies to spawn. Leading to the door are more Pug Pugils, a Cog Coil and another Tonberry; many tanks choose to draw enemies up to this point to kill them. After they are defeated, Still Waters is accessed.

Still Waters[]

Still Waters is a single square location surrounded by water, and contains the first boss of this dungeon: Keeper of Halidon. Any player that is not the tank should not stand in front of this boss so as to avoid its front Beatdown and Moldy Sneeze attacks. Reduced Immunity should be removed from players by healers when possible, and players should spread out so as not to be hit by Inhale, which pulls players in to hit them with Goobbue's Grief. Moldy Phlegm is a basic aoe attack.

Once defeated, the treasure may drop Sipahi Gloves, Mercenary's Mitts, Warlock's Ringbands, Vermilion Skirt, Siphai Sarouel, Mercenary's Slops and Warlock's Tights.

After this, the path leads to the Endless Rise. A Tonberry is initially found at the entrance, and players will run in after this to meet two Pug Pugils, then up the stairs containing another Tonberry and at the top find two Gear Greases with a final Tonberry. Tanks often choose to pull up to this point to begin fighting. Once killed, enemies will drop Lantern Oil, which players pick up by interacting with them; this is used on the Rusted Nymian Devices found here which open the door to the right, making way for the Endless Rise.

The Endless Rise[]

This location is a worn-down area littered with cogs and stone stairways leading up. The block in the centre is most important as it contains stone stairways leading to the outer areas. This contains a room with three Soldier of Nym enemies and a non-rusted Nymian Device, while the outside contains two Corrupted Nymians. At the very end of the room, the outermost area, two Tonberries guard the Rusted Nymian Device and the entrance outwards, while two Corrupted Nymians guard the Rusted Nymian Device in the top-right corner of the room. Also found in the top-right corner is a treasure chest, which may contain Pinprick Pebble, Hippogryph Skin, Bloody Bardiche Head or Bloody Knife Blades. Once the Nymian Devices are activated after de-rusting, the door at the end of the room will allow the party to progress to the Final Ease.

The Final Ease[]

This area contains two large cogs to either side in front of the area featuring the second boss, the Giant Bavarois. This is a Flan enemy that spawns Blue Bavarois (Water spell), Green Bavarois (Aero spell which deals damage over time), Purple Bavarois (Thunder spell which inflicts Paralysis) and White Bavarois (Blizzard spell which inflicts Heavy). Healers should focus on curing status effects, while the party should kill added enemies immediately. Giant Bavarois will target a specific player and charge after them to attack, though the players can kite around them. After this, two treasures will spawn.

The first will contain Vermilion Chain Coif, Sipahi Turban, Mercenary's Pot Helm, Warlock's Hat, Vermilion Haubergeon, Alpine War Jacket, Siphai Shirt, Mercenary's Acton or Warlock's Robe. The second may contain Warlock's Satchel Belt, The Sash of the Blind Maiden, Vermilion Sollerets, Sipahi Crakows, Mercenary's Leggings or Warlock's Patterns.

After this, players will proceed into the final area prior to the last boss: the Long Hall.

The Long Hall[]

Players will first find a Corrupted Nymian Curate and two Corrupted Nymians, and up the stairs will find two Tonberries, and the final non-boss chest, which may contain, X-Potion, X-Ether, Hi-Elixir, Nymian Orb or Bite-sized Pudding. The path then veers off to steers to the right leading up to find two Soldiers of Nym, with the door to the Chantry blocked and guarded by two Tonberries. Tanks may choose to pull up the way up until this point and defeat all enemies here. The final two Nymian Devices open up the door to the Chantry.

The Chantry[]

This round room contains the final boss, the Tonberry King. This boss spawns other Tonberry enemies, and has a few attacks, though the main mechanic is Everyone's Grudge. Once the Tonberries spawn die, they will grant the Tonberry King stacks of Rancor, which he will consume for an Everyone's Grudge attack based on how many stacks. This essentially means that players should not kill too many Tonberries too quickly and focus the boss. Other than this, the Tonberry King does not have any major attacks that players are not already used to.

Upon defeat, the final chest drops either Darklight Macuahuitl, Darklight Baghnakhs, Darklight Bill, Darklight Harpoon, Darklight Composite Bow, Darklight Kple Kple, Darklight Staff, Darklight Grimaire, Darklight Kite Shield, Darklight Square Shield or Darklight Baselards.

Musical themes[]

"A Tonberry's Tears" plays upon entering the duty. "A Fell Air Falleth" plays while in combat with regular enemies.

"A Fine Death" plays while fighting the Keeper of Halidom and the Giant Bavarois, while "Nemesis" plays during the battle with the Tonberry King.


  • Wanderer's Palace, along with Amdapor Keep, were the only level 50 dungeons in A Realm Reborn to later have a hard mode added.
  • During 2014, The Wanderer's Palace was the most popular dungeon of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, as 6,544,758 duty sessions for the dungeon have been created by the servers.[1]