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Wamoura are the fully matured wamouracampa, and they will therefore come to each other's aid when attacked. If left alone for periods of time, adventurers can actually watch the larval wamouracampa transform into a full adult wamoura in much the same way a caterpillar changes into a butterfly (cocoon and all).

Wamoura can be difficult to defeat, and possess a number of area attacks which can pose difficulties to even the most experienced of parties. When defeated, wamoura have been seen dropping their cocoon, scales, and hair. The cocoon and hair can be crafted into Wamoura Silk, which is used in a number of high end items. The scale, with its almost perfectly reflective properties, can be used to hide those adventurers able to manufacture Rainbow Powder.

Special attacks Edit

  • Erosion Dust: AoE Dia.
  • Erratic Flutter: AoE Fire damage and self Haste.
  • Exuviation: Full Erase on self, restoring HP based on the amount of debuffs Erased.
  • Fire Break: Single-target fire damage. Notorious Monsters only.
  • Magma Fan: Cone-attack Fire damage.
  • Proboscis: Cone-attack MP Drain, dealing damage equal to the amount of MP drained and removing a random buff.

Gallery Edit

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