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Walse Tower (ウォルスの塔, Worusu no Tō?), also known as Walz Tower, is a location in Final Fantasy V. It is visitable in Bartz's World, where it is located northwest of Walse, and in the Merged World where it is located underwater. It is the original location of the Water Crystal.

The geography of the area where Walse Tower is located is similar to the one of the Tower of Owen from Final Fantasy III.


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The Walse Tower on Bartz's World world map.

After the fall of the Walse Meteorite, the party heads to Walse Tower to protect the Water Crystal. A Garula controlled by Exdeath attacks the tower and its guards. Upon reaching the top, the party witnesses the destruction of the Water Crystal and gathers all but one of the crystal shards before the tower begins to sink. After being saved by Syldra, Faris's sea dragon, the party reaches the shore near the Walse Meteor, where they bid farewell to Syldra once and for all.

After the merging of the two worlds, the party may visit the sunken Walse Tower via a submarine. Since the tower is underwater, the party can only remain inside for seven minutes, although there are two treasure chests which contain oxygen. At the bottom lies the crystal shard left behind previously. The crystal grants the Mime job class but is guarded by Famed Mimic Gogo.

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Name Location
Silk Robe Fifth Floor
Maiden's Kiss Fifth Floor
Silver Armlet Ninth Floor
Ether Ninth Floor


Walse Tower
Sunken Tower

Famed Mimic Gogo in battle.

Every monster in the Sunken Tower is one from the unmerged worlds that teaches Blue Magic.

Musical themes[]

"Dungeon" from Final Fantasy V

The background music that plays inside the Walse Tower is "Dungeon", while "Beyond the Deep Blue Sea" plays during the party's visit to the sunken tower.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Walse Tower FFV.png

Bartz and his party arrive at Walse Tower, the keeping place of the Water Crystal. The king of Walse asks them to ascend the tower and protect the Crystal.

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