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Walse Tower, also known as Walz Tower, is a location in Final Fantasy V. It is visitable in Bartz's world, where it is located northwest of Walse, and in the merged world, where it is located underwater and known as the Sunken Tower. It is the original location of the water crystal in Bartz's world, and several more jobs are obtained from the crystal.

The geography of the area where Walse Tower is located is similar to the one of the Tower of Owen from Final Fantasy III.


Walse Tower was presumably built sometime after the crystals and Planet R split a thousand years prior to the events of Final Fantasy V.[1] Sometime later, Cid Previa built a device to amplify the wind crystal.[2] King Walse used the amplification device to purify the water around Walse, protecting the nation from monsters, and even sealed Shiva away in the castle. The beast Garula also lived in a forest near the tower, sometimes coming to the town of Walse, described by the residents as a shy creature.[3][4]

The crystal room (iOS).

Walse Meteorite landed, bringing a soldier from the Castle of Bal trying to stop the crystal from shattering.[note 1] Feeling the earthquake from the meteorite's landing, King Walse sent troops to the tower, and Bartz Klauser's party went on ahead, to Walse Tower to protect the water crystal. Garula, controlled by Exdeath,[note 2] attacked the tower and its guards. Upon reaching the top, the party witnessed as the Bal soldier failed to stop Garula, and the water crystal was destroyed. The party then gathered all but one of the crystal shards before the tower began to sink. After being saved by Syldra, Faris Scherwiz's sea dragon, the party reacheed the shore near the Walse Meteorite where they bode farewell to the dying Syldra.[8]

The Walse Tower sinking.

After the merging of the two worlds, Bartz's party visited the Sunken Walse Tower via a submarine. Since the tower was now underwater, the party could only hold their breath for seven minutes, unless finding one of two treasure chests containing oxygen. At the bottom lay the crystal shard left behind previously. The crystal granted the Mime job but was guarded by Famed Mimic Gogo, who left impressed after the party successfully mimed him by not acting.[9][note 3]


Walse Tower is located to the northwest of both Castle Walse and the town of Walse. It is west of a few mountains, as well as the site where the Walse Meteorite lands.

Walse Tower is a tall, narrow, stone tower with the crystal room located at the top. A few patterns can be seen along the walls. There are a few growths in the pillars that provide access to upper floors when stairs are not present, though there are fewer growths than those in the Wind Shrine.

In the merged world, the sunken Walse Tower is located in the same place it was sunk.



Name Location
Silk Robe Fifth Floor
Maiden's Kiss Fifth Floor
Silver Armlet Ninth Floor
Ether Ninth Floor


Walse Tower
Sunken Tower

Famed Mimic Gogo in battle.

Every monster in the Sunken Tower is one from the unmerged worlds that teaches Blue Magic.


The last piece of the shattered Water Crystal found in Sunken Walse Tower (iOS).

In Bartz's world, Walse Tower can only be entered after speaking to King Walse in Castle Walse. At that point, the dungeon must be traversed to the top, where Garula is fought. Garula has powerful physical attacks, meaning Knight and Monk are ideal against him.

If the party brings a Blue Mage, they can learn Pond's Chorus from Elf Toad (enemy needs to be alone to use it).

In the merged world, the Sunken Tower can be accessed at any time using the submarine. The airship can only transform into a submarine after speaking with Cid, who can be found in the Catapult after first completing Fork Tower. The enemies in the Sunken Tower are not too challenging, and if Famed Mimic Gogo is beaten using the developer-intended method, he is simple to defeat.[note 3]

In the merged world, the party can learn Mighty Guard from Stingray in the coastal waters above the sunken Walse Tower (must be controlled by a Beastmaster or confused).

Musical themes[]

"Dungeon" from Final Fantasy V

The background music that plays inside the Walse Tower is "Dungeon", while "Beyond the Deep Blue Sea" plays during the party's visit to the Sunken Tower.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Walse Tower FFV.png

Bartz and his party arrive at Walse Tower, the keeping place of the Water Crystal. The king of Walse asks them to ascend the tower and protect the Crystal.

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  1. The soldier in Walse Tower's crystal room trying to stop Garula has the same orange armor as those from the Castle of Bal, as opposed to the Castle Walse soldiers who wear blue armor.
  2. The guards at the tower expressed surprise at Garula's actions and suspected he was under control.[5] Queen Karnak later confirmed being controlled at the fire crystal,[6] and after King Alexander Highwind Tycoon was freed from control at the earth crystal, Exdeath appeared,[7] showing him to be the one in control.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Famed Mimic Gogo can also be fought regularly, although he will mime all of their attacks. Though it is possible to defeat Famed Mimic Gogo this way as a regular boss, it is extremely difficult and it is better to simply not act.