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A fortress city with some ten centuries of history, protected by thick stone walls built to repel invaders.


The party rescues Rapha at the entrance to Yardrow.

Walled City of Yardrow, also known as Yardow Fort City (城塞都市ヤードー, Jousai-toshi Yādō?) is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is located east of Riovanes Castle and north of the Royal City of Lesalia. As Ramza Beoulve passed through the town on his way to Riovanes, Marach Galthena attempted to ambush him, but the attack failed because Marach's sister, Rapha Galthena, chose to defect as Ramza approached.

Battle information Edit

Yardrow Edit

Walled City of Yardrow
Front view:
Yardow Fort City 1
Back view:
Yardow Fort City 3
Side view:
Yardow Fort City 2
Back side view:
Yardow Fort City 4
Overhead grid:
Yardow Fort City OH
Additional info None
Conditions Protect Rapha.
Weather Clear day
Enemy level 23 - 28 Recommended level 25 - 30
Team capacity 4 + Ramza Number of teams 1
Battle Trophies 2000 gil, Yagyu Darkrood, Holy Water Hidden items
Note: It is possible to miss out on treasures here, as this is a one-time battle.
Terrain Soil, Grassland, Flagstone, Stone Wall, Tree, Wooden Floor, Stairs, Roof, Chimney, Barrier Geomancy Sinkhole, Tanglevine, Contortion, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Wind Blast


Name Availability Days Cost Bonus Suggestion
Diving Expedition Ch.3*(After the battles at Orbonne) 10-14 5000 Gil Bag Archer
The Falcon Ch.4 7-9 3500 Artefact Geomancer
Salvage Work Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 9-14 0 Gil Bag
Coal Mining Expedition Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 10-14 1000 Ore
Second Coal Mining Expedition Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle; Must complete Coal Mining Expedition first) 10-14 1000 Artefact
The Yardrow Melee Cancer 14-16 Artefact

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