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Squall wall rushing Cloud in Dissidia 012.

Wall Rush is a gameplay term in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. The term refers to when an attack of sufficient force sends the opponent crashing into a wall, ceiling, obstacle, or other indestructible surface, increasing the damage done. Attacks which can inflict Wall Rush are noted in the Abilities menu when customizing characters.

The amount of crash damage Wall Rush inflicts is equal to 50% in the original Dissidia and 25% in Dissidia 012 of the damage that was done by the attack that knocked the opponent into the obstacle. Wall Rush is possible for both Brave and HP attacks, but is handled slightly differently. If the additional HP damage inflicted by Wall Rush would be enough to deplete the character's HP, they remain alive with one HP remaining. When additional Bravery damage is inflicted by Wall Rush, the opponent will be inflicted with Break status as normal, assuming the Wall Rush damage is enough to deplete their Bravery.

In the original Dissidia, victims who are slammed into the walls will be granted a moment of invincibility to avoid getting attacked again while recovering. In Dissidia 012, players can chain attacks with an Assist character, who is able to hit the victim during this invincibility period. Similarly the player can also hit the victim following a Wall Rush by the Assist. In Dissidia 012, if Original Rules are set, Wall Rushes can exceed even more than the original damage.

In Story Mode, many enemy units will have a DP Chance requiring the player to perform a Wall Rush against the enemy within a certain amount of time, usually ten seconds.

Many accessories will also grant boosts to the player to either increase the amount of crash damage dealt with a Wall Rush or to decrease the damage received from one.


  • In Dissidia 012, Wall Rush can exceed 9,999 damage, even if that is the highest value displayed on screen.