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Wall Market is a field map in Final Fantasy VII. It is first visited by a party of Cloud and Aeris in "To Corneo Hall", as the two seek to enter the mansion of Don Corneo.


The Market can be divided into two main segments, the south and the northern segments, while the entrance to the Honey Bee Inn is a separate segment linked to the south end.


The south segment of Wall Market is entered through the path in Sector 6. It is the location of the Inn, the Item Store, the Diner, the Pharmacy, the Boutique, and the Materia Store. Halfway along the left end of the segment, a screen is located.



Directly at the entrance to Wall Market is the inn that costs 10 gil to stay in. It has a vending machine, and if the player speaks to the Materia Store owner, agreeing to fetch an item for him, and then sleeps in the inn, they can use the vending machine. The items in the vending machine cost either 200 gil, 100 gil or 50 gil. Buying the most expensive item nets the best reward from the Materia Store keeper.

Item Store[]

Item Store.

The shop that says "Item" out front holds nothing during the player's first visit to the Wall Market, but if the player returns after having obtained the Highwind and examines the shop, they will find Tifa's ultimate weapon. An additional scene is seen if the party consists of Cid and Tifa when this is done.



In the food joint the player can eat for 70 Gil by speaking to the owner. The menu options are:

  • Korean BBQ Plate
  • Sushi Plate
  • Today's Special

It doesn't matter which food the player orders, and if they answer favorably when asked about the food ("It's alright."), they will receive a coupon that can be traded at the pharmacy for a key item. Each menu recover party's HP to full, but not MP. So aside from novelty, it's better to rest at the inn instead (full HP/MP recovery for 10 Gil).



The player can buy items at the pharmacy (see below for shop list). If the player has a coupon obtained from the diner, they can choose an item for exchange. The item can be given to a sick woman in the bar; Digestive is the best item for this.



At the clothing store the player can get a dress custom-made for Cloud, but they must first fetch the shop's owner from a bar. The quality of the dress depends on the description the player gives to the owner. The best dress is obtained by asking for something that "feels soft" and "shimmers".

Materia Store[]

Materia Store.

The Materia Store doesn't actually sell any Materia the first time the player visits Wall Market. The man running it wants to know what items are sold in the vending machine in the inn, and hires the player to go buy one. He gives a tiara as reward. The best tiara is obtained by bringing him the most expensive item from the vending machine, costing 200 gil at the inn. When the player returns to Wall Market after the Sector 7 incident, Materia Store has been stocked up with some basic Materia and will sell them to the player.

Honey Bee Inn Entrance[]

The entrance to Honey Bee Inn is to the southwest from the South end of Wall Market. It is initially packed with would-be-visitors, Johnny included. Aeris will stay here while Cloud goes inside.

Honey Bee Inn[]

The Honey Bee Inn.

The Honey Bee Inn is a members-only adult club. Cloud can receive a membership card from a man around the south end of Wall Market after visiting Don Corneo's mansion, but having been denied entry. He is one in south-east corner, next to the Honey Bee Inn entry screen. In Honey Bee Inn, Cloud can walk around, peep into the keyholes of the occupied rooms, and visit one of the two available rooms himself. After staying in a room Cloud can visit the dressing room to get make-up applied on him from one of the girls. Honey Bee Inn is visitable only on the initial visit to Wall Market. When the party returns after the Sector 7 incident, Cloud is barred entry due to notoriety of his crossdressing exploits, and later still, Honey Bee Inn has been closed down.


The north segment of Wall Market is a little smaller than the southern segment, and is the location of the Bar, the Weapon Store, and the Men's Hall gym. The northern segment has more piles of scrap along the sides of the tents, left over from the Weapon Store owner.



The pharmacy item can be given to the sick woman in the bar at the north end of Wall Market to receive a bottle of perfume. The best perfume is received if the player offers her a Digestive. The man running the clothes' boutique is also initially found here.

Weapon Store[]

Weapon Store.

The weapon store sells weapons and armor (see shop list below). The player must buy three batteries for 100 gil each while on their way to the upper plate. After the party has the Highwind, the player can buy an accessory from the owner for a hefty 129,000 gil.

Men's Hall[]

Men's Hall.

The gym is a gathering point for cross-dressers and is led by a man named "Beautiful Bro". The player can play a squatting minigame to obtain a wig. The best wig is obtained by winning the squatting game. The gym contains some banners with Japanese and English text: the mat says "FIGHT", the front of ring "S.W.C" and "Square Wrestling Club", left of ring エネルギーV ([Enerugii V]?, lit. Energy V), banners 燃えろ男よ!! ([Moero otoko yo!!]?, lit. Burn, Man, Burn!!), 男乃中乃男!! ([Otoko no naka no otoko!!]?, lit. The Man Inside the Man), 肉質剛健 ([Nikushitsu gouken]?, lit. Muscular Vitality) and 好色美男 ([koushoku binan]?, lit. Sensual, Beautiful Man). Notice to right of mirror says 男の道 ([otoko no machi]?, lit. Way of Man).

Corneo Hall Entrance[]

Corneo's mansion is at the north end of Wall Market. The entrance is guarded by a bouncer who only lets women enter. During Cloud and Aeris's first visit to Wall Market, they must speak to the bouncer to progress, prompting Aeris to come up with the idea to disguise Cloud as a woman. After the Sector 7 incident, the mansion is abandoned and the bouncer will be gone.

Corneo Hall[]

Corneo Hall at the north end of Wall Market is the headquarters for the crime lord Don Corneo and home to many scenes of debauchery and perversion. Rigged underneath Corneo's personal chambers lives the monster Aps. The player gains access by disguising Cloud as a woman, but after the first visit to Wall Market is over, the mansion will be empty and the player can enter at will.


Aeris and Cloud are told to wait here when they first enter the mansion. After Corneo's lackey leaves, the two must find Tifa in the "Torture Room". This area has entrances to the other areas of the mansion: Office (middle), Torture Room (to the left) and Lackey Room (to the right).


This is where Corneo chooses his "bride". The party is taken here after rendezvousing with Tifa in the basement. Corneo's decision depends on the items the player has acquired for Cloud's disguise. If Cloud is chosen as the "bride" he is taken to Corneo's bedroom. If Tifa or Aeris is chosen instead, Cloud will be taken to the "lackey room". If Aeris is chosen as Corneo's "bride", Cloud will meet Tifa here outside the office after leaving the lackey room. The answer given to her affects the date mechanics (for the Gold Saucer date scene): asking if Tifa is okay actually lowers her affection for Cloud, but telling her they need to save Aeris boosts her affection despite the somewhat annoyed answer she gives in reply.


If Cloud is chosen as the "bride", he is taken here with the Don and must answer to his advances. If the player rejects Don they can gain affection in the date mechanics with Barret by saying that is Cloud's "boyfriend's" name. If Cloud is receptive to Corneo's advances, things are stopped from escalating by the sudden entry of Tifa and Aeris. After the trio interrogates Corneo, the party is sent plummeting to Sewer - Sector 6 through a trapdoor where they must fight a boss.

  • Items: Hyper (behind Don Corneo's bed)

Torture Room[]

After left alone in the reception room, the party must make their way to the "torture room" to find Tifa, who explains what she is doing at the mansion. After a discussion the trio is fetched to line up in Corneo's office. If Tifa is chosen as the Don's "bride", Cloud must break out from the lackey room and finds Aeris in the basement being chased by Kotch, Corneo's bodyguard. After she pushes him down the stairs Cloud's response affects the date mechanics: asking if she is okay boosts affection with Aeris, and telling her they must hurry to rescue Tifa lowers it. If Aeris was chosen as Don's "bride", the player can still visit the room after leaving the lackey room, finding Kotch already knocked out on the floor, having been defeated by Tifa. On a subsequent visit after the Sector 7 incident, players will find Kotch tied up in the basement and can free him.

Lackey Room[]

If Cloud is not chosen as Corneo's "bride", he will be taken here. The lackeys will crowd around him until Cloud removes his disguise and fights the lackeys in a set battle, after which he can leave the room. If Cloud is chosen by Don, this room is not visited, but the player has an option to return to the mansion later, during which they can get the item from this room.



The wall becomes the "Golden Wire of Hope" after Cloud and friends return to Wall Market after Cloud and Aeris's initial visit. The player can use the wire hanging down to climb to Sector 6 - Plate Lower. Here, the player may wish to conserve the remaining Battery for being a unique item, or use it to obtain an Ether from a locked contained. There is a bit where Cloud must swing on a hanging piece of debris. The correct timing is to jump when it is nearest to Cloud.


Main scenario[]

Cloud and Aeris disguised.

The first chapter that takes place in Wall Market is "To Corneo Hall", in which the player must gather material for a disguise for Cloud so he can disguise himself as a woman to enter Corneo Hall and find Tifa. Depending on Cloud's attire, Don may choose either Cloud, Aeris, or Tifa for his "bride for the night". Cloud will battle Corneo's lackeys if he is not chosen, but the storyline leads to the same conclusion no matter whom out of the party is chosen. In the PlayStation 4 version, getting Don Corneo choose Cloud earns the trophy Consummate Cross-dresser. After Cloud enters Corneo Hall, he, Aeris, and Tifa have to interrogate Don Corneo.

During "To Corneo Hall", the player can optionally get a membership to the Honey Bee Inn by talking to a man in the bottom-right corner of the south end of Wall Market. Inside, the player can view numerous humorous scenes and get make-up for Cloud's disguise. The location is notable for having hoards of dummied out content.

Wall Market is later visited briefly for "Aeris's Secret", in which the player must climb to the Shinra Building on a wall in the northeastern end. The player also needs to obtain a battery from the owner of the weapon store to help with climbing the full way.

Following this, Wall Market is not visited in mandatory quests, but can be returned to for important items.

Date mechanics[]

The game has a hidden "affection value" that determines who Cloud will go on a date with in the Gold Saucer later. The value is determined by the dialogue and party member choices the player makes prior to this point. In Wall Market, all decisions that affect the value are in Don's mansion.

If Tifa is chosen as Don Corneo's date:

  • "You alright?" (+3 Aeris)
  • "We gotta help Tifa!" (-2 Aeris)

If Aeris is chosen as Don Corneo's date:

  • "You alright?" (-2 Tifa)
  • "We gotta help Aeris!" (+3 Tifa)

If Cloud is chosen as Don Corneo's date and he rejects his advances, when the Don asks if he has a boyfriend:

  • "Yes, his name's Barret..." (+5 Barret)

Tifa's ultimate weapon[]

Premium Heart FF7.png

To get back to Midgar after obtaining the Highwind the player must dig up the Key to Sector 5 from Bone Village. In the store that says Item the player can use the machine to receive the Premium Heart, Tifa's ultimate weapon. A scene will happen if Cid and Tifa are in the party.

Sneak Glove[]

After returning to Midgar when the party has the Highwind, the man who sold the batteries in the weapon shop will sell the Sneak Glove accessory for 129,000 gil. It increases the player's stealing chances by a great margin, and changes the items that can be stolen from some enemies (not always for the better; for example, it prevents the player from stealing a Vagyrisk Claw from a Bagrisk).



The player can obtain several items in the Don's mansion. An Ether can be obtained in the Torture Room, a Phoenix Down can be obtained in the Lackey Room, and a Hyper can be obtained in the Bedroom. The player can return to the Don's mansion after "To Corneo Hall" at any point to obtain these if they did not during the first visit. Additionally, Kotch can be found tied up in the Torture Room upon returning, if the player has not yet started the sidequest in Wutai.


Item Shop
Name Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Echo Screen 100 gil
Eye Drop 50 gil
Hyper 100 gil
Tranquilizer 100 gil
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Tent 500 gil
Weapon Shop
Name Cost
Mythril Rod 370 gil
Metal Knuckle 320 gil
Assault Gun 350 gil
Titan Bangle 280 gil
Mythril Armlet 350 gil
Materia Shop
Name Cost
Fire 600 gil
Ice 600 gil
Lightning 600 gil
Restore 750 gil
Cover 1,000 gil

The items can actually be purchased from the Pharmacy, as nothing can be purchased from the store labeled Item Store in Wall Market. Weapons can be purchased from the man on the right counter in the Weapon Shop. The Materia Store sells stock after the events at the pillar in Sector 7.


Corneo Hall[]

Musical themes[]

Several musical themes play in Wall Market. The theme that plays in the main section of the town is "The Oppressed" (虐げられた民衆, Shiitagerareta Minshū?). "Honeybee Inn" (蜜蜂の館, Mitsubachi no Kan?) plays in Honey Bee Inn, while "Don of the Slums" (スラムのドン, Suramu no Don?) plays in Don Corneo's mansion. "Shinra's Full-Scale Assault" (神羅軍総攻撃, Shinra Gunsō Kōgeki?) plays during the climb up to the Shinra Building.